Ringside Elite Free Standing Bag Review

Ringside Free Standing Punching Bag Review

It is not an easy task to find a good freestanding heavy bag that would take the abuse of powerful punches and kicks. Freestanding bags mostly are easily tipped over from even moderate-power strikes, which makes them not very suitable for experienced fighters.

Fortunately, there are freestanding bags out there that can easily withstand strong kicks and punches. If that’s what you are looking for, then our Ringside Elite Free Standing bag review will probably be of most interest of you.

The Ringside Elite appears to have everything that advanced boxers, MMA fighters, and kickboxers may need. However, it is quite a pricey freestanding heavy bag, so you would probably want to be sure that it is good before buying it.

Well, let’s now move on to our review to see whether or not Ringside Elite is worth the money the manufacturer asks for!


Freestanding design

The main feature of the Ringside Elite is the fact that it is a freestanding heavy bag, meaning that it has a number of benefits over regular heavy bags.

First of all, you don’t need to install any mounts to hang this bag from. Secondly, moving this bag around from place to place is much easier since you won’t need to worry about having hanging mounts in the new spot.

Because of that, Ringside Elite freestanding bag is a very suitable choice for home, but it could be used in a gym as well. In fact, some features – which we will examine shortly – appear to make this freestanding heavy bag particularly great for gym use.

However, because it weighs about 50 pounds, this bag is pretty hard to move around. It gets even heavier if you fill its plastic base with water or sand, so you better pick the right spot for the bag.

Large shock-absorbent foam bag

The main feature of the Ringside Elite free standing punching bag is the large bag itself. It comprises of a layer of soft shock-absorbing foam encased in a fairly durable synthetic leather casing.

Standing 6’4” high, this freestanding heavy bag is truly huge. In fact, the punching bag takes up the most of its height: that’s a great benefit because freestanding bags are sometimes installed on poles that take up some of the bag’s height, reducing the actual hitting surface of the bag.

Overall, the height of the punching bag is 51 inches. This not only allows both tall and short athletes to comfortably train: it is also quite easy to practice low and high kicks on this bag, which is a great feature for kickboxers and MMA fighters.

Swinging motion

The bag of the Ringside Elite has a good swinging motion to it. Interestingly, the swinging of the Ringside Elite freestanding bag is adjustable. If you remove the 11-inch red collar from the bag, you will get increased swinging that could be taken benefit of when working on parrying.

However, you would need to make sure that you have a good amount of free space around the bag so it doesn’t swing back and break something.

It appears that the screws that keep the collar on tend to get loose pretty easily, so keep that in mind.

Fillable plastic base

The thing that contributes to the stability of this freestanding heavy bag the most is its plastic base that can be filled with up to 270 pounds of water or sand. To be fair, that’s a common feature in freestanding heavy bags, but the base of the Ringside Elite appears to be very stable and seems to stay in place even under heavy punches or kicks.

That’s a very good thing for a freestanding heavy bag since freestanding bags tend to be much less suitable for hard punches and kicks than regular hanging heavy bags. Even experienced boxers, MMA fighters, and kickboxers should be able to train heavily on this bag.

While filling the plastic base is optional, you probably should indeed fill it with either water or sand. We would actually recommend you to fill it with sand bags because that will be less messy than just sand. And you also won’t need to worry about water spills.


Costing about $300 – 400, Ringside Elite is a pretty expensive freestanding heavy bag. However, taking its stability and versatility into account, we think that this freestanding punching bag is well worth the money.

Pros & cons


  • Adjustable spring movement.
  • Suitable for both punches and kicks.
  • The base can be filled with water or sand for more stability.


  • Quite heavy.
  • The collar screws tend to get loose.


What’s the diameter of the bag and the base?

The base is 32 inches in diameter, whereas the bag is 17 inches.

Is the resistance of this bag comparable to that of a heavy bag?

Probably not since this bag is much lighter. Aside from that, it springs away from every punch and kick, so you most likely won’t get the same level of resistance as from a regular 100-pound heavy bag.

If we were to compare the resistance of this bag, it would probably be closer to a regular bag than to a heavy bag.

Does this heavy bag have an adjustable height?

No, it doesn’t, but that isn’t a very necessary feature for this bag. It is quite tall, so both short and tall fighters should be able to easily train on it with no issues.


So overall, when you put all the features of the Ringside Elite heavy bag together, you get a freestanding heavy bag that is very suitable for more experienced and even professional fighters with more powerful kicks and punches.

However, remember that this bag is quite expensive. Such an investment would make the most sense for professionals, though casual boxers and beginners could also use it if they have the budget.

If the price doesn’t really bother you though, then you should probably get this freestanding heavy bag. It will most likely not disappoint you, whether you are a casual or a professional fighter.

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