RDX Elite T1 Boxing Gloves Review

RDX Leather Pro Boxing Gloves Review

If you are looking for brand new affordable boxing gloves then the RDX Elite Boxing Gloves is one of the products that come to mind. Designed to provide comfort, durability, and reliability, these gloves are a perfect choice for a good price.

RDX – One of the UK’s Most Popular Brands

RDX Sports is one of the most widely known fighting gear brands from the UK. They began producing equipment for combat sports in 1999 and since then RDX established themselves as one of the leaders in the equipment industry.

RDX has a reputation of a quality manufacturer, with a reasonable price tag. Because of that, they are often a preferred choice for people that are just starting out in combat sports.

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RDX Elite Gloves

  • 100% full grain cowhide leather
  • Reinforced stitching for quality
  • Shell-Shock gel for max shock-absorption
  • Snug fit and wrists support
  • Moisture-wicking Nylon Mesh palm wicks away sweat and moisture


This pair of gloves is designed to match the expectations of all specific training types. They can be used for sparring, heavy bag workout, and pads.

RDX Elite GlovesMade from a durable 100% cowhide leather and reinforced stitching ensures that the RDX gloves will stay strong for a long time.

The purpose of the boxing gloves is to keep your hands safe. Indeed, this is exactly what RDX BGLT1 do. It utilizes four layers of shock-absorbing gel padding for a maximum security even for the hardest punchers.

A good thing about the padding is that it has no break-in period like a lot of other boxing gloves. Therefore, you can start using it right away without worrying too much.

This pair also features an extensive padding. Hence, there is a strong fit over the hand of the user and a perfectly comfortable fit.

Additionally, the design ensures that putting on the gloves is quick and easy. There is a great adjustable hook and loop wrist strap that secures a good fit.

Comfort & Protection

The best thing about the RDX gloves is that they combine a lightweight design without compromising the protection.

Many times when a boxers want good protection they end up with a heavy and bulky kind of gloves. This is frustrating because it disturbs the movement and speed of the hands.

By way of contrast, often if you want a smaller sized and lightweight gloves you must compromise with the protection.

Not with the RDX pro boxing gloves. Somehow they found a way to combine both worlds – good protection and a lightweight construction.

The leather smells good, feels good, and looks good even after a continuous use. The top and side areas of the gloves provide a great protection from hurting your hands while performing an uppercut, or a hook.

Quality & Durability

One of the most important things to look for in a boxing glove is its durability. Even after years of use these boxing gloves still maintain the good qualities.

That is probably because of the super high-quality cowhide leather. Usually, the gloves from a real leather tend to last longer than the ones from an engineered leather.

The only problem you may have is that the colors can fade away. However, this goes for all kinds of boxing gloves and it doesn’t really affect your workouts.


RDX Size ChartImportant note about this gloves is that the cuff is a little bit longer than the standard. That means if you have short hands you can feel uncomfortable with a long cuff. However, this is a rare problem and some fighters actually like to have a longer wrist cuff.

RDX made a nice little chart, for everybody to look before buying a new pair of gloves, which you can see here.

Keep in mind that is just an estimation and every person is different. Usually, go with a bigger pair if you are going to spar and work on the heavy bag.


The price is pretty good, considering the quality of the gloves. They go for around 60-70$ or around 40£ which makes them of the most affordable and good quality gloves.

Pros & Cons

ProsRDX boxing gloves

  • One of the most durable gloves in the price range
  • Super comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Well designed
  • No break-in period
  • Suitable for all training types
  • Well-ventilated


  • Colors might not hold up well
  • The fit could be too snug if you have big hands


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are they easy to clean?
A: Yes. The leather is very easy to clean – you can just clean it with wet wipes.

Q: Would this fit an adult?
Yes, of course! These gloves are made for adults.

Q: Are these breathable?
Yes, they have a breathable mesh panel.

Q: Are these good for sparring?
A: Yes. Make sure to get a bigger size to protect your partner.

Q: How do I know what size to get?
A: You can check out the chart above and see.


One of the most satisfying boxing gloves you can find on the market. They are durable, good-looking, comfortable, and breathable. It can be used well by both beginners and more advanced fighters.

Bottom line is these gloves are a great product for all kinds of athletes at an affordable price.

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