Punching Bag Workouts for Women

Do you want to lose weight, tone the body, appear pretty, and badass at the same time? No, we’re not asking you to hit the gym and lift weights. Do something out of the box. Well, we are talking about boxing, as you may have guessed it.

Boxing is a great workout for women. Boxing requires a lot of energy, and as far as cardio is concerned, you will be getting enough of it. You may think boxing is about the hands, shoulders and upper torso but you are only partially right.

Boxing requires leaning, leg movement, rebound, head movement, and, of course, all of the body parts we just talked about.

Burn calories with boxing while having fun


The society is evolving, and so should you. Put on some nice music or a video and wear the gloves and the hand wraps and box your way into getting a fitter body.

Boxing basics

Boxing is one of those workouts that’s little affected by the hyper-tech life that we live in. Machines in the gymnasium have settings and programs, but with boxing, you’ll have to learn everything from scratch.

There is some boxing jargon that you should familiarize yourself with so that the guides you read can be translated into moves instantly.

  • Jab – It is a straight punch thrown from the dominant hand while maintaining an upright posture
  • Cross – The cross is a punch that’s thrown from the non-dominant hand moving from the chin and hitting the target in a straight line
  • Hook – Use the leading (dominant) hand to hit the side of the head of your opponent
  • Uppercut – A rising punch thrown with the non-dominant hand

We now list the workout programs that’ll help you from your first workout to being a heavy hitter

Boxing workouts for women

Workout without equipment

You do not need anything except free space and comfortable clothing. This is a great way to practice boxing moves without hitting any surface.

You’ve already read about the basic moves. In this pseudo-boxing workout, you get to learn the basics of body movement, stepping forward, stepping back, and an overall feel of boxing.

It may appear dull while reading but when you are making these moves, you’ll realize how much effort you have to put.

You could start with a 10-minute workout, and as your endurance increases, anywhere between 15-30 minutes is enough to burn a lot of calories.

Suspended heavy bag workout

With the suspended heavy bag, you’re entering into the serious boxing territory. You should have a pair of boxing gloves and beneath that a set of hand wraps. Do not ignore the wraps because boxing can hurt badly.

Stand to the left of the bag at an arm’s length

  • With feet stretched hip-width, bend your elbows so that the gloves reach the chin
  • You’re now in fighting mode. Put on a serious face, and you look badass
  • Focus your eyes and lock them to target
  • Movement of the hips is what powers the strike
  • Pivot your body with your left leg stretched in front
  • Stretch your arm at shoulder level with a spring-like flexibility

Congratulations, you landed your first punch.

For beginners, there is a recommended boxing circuit. Here is the list of steps you need to do in the first boxing circuit:

  • One minute of jabs
  • One minute of crosses
  • 30 seconds of push-ups
  • 30 seconds of bicycle
  • One minute of jumping rope

Repeat this set thrice. Beginners may want to take a break after this. Those who have built up endurance can proceed to the second workout circuit.

We suggest you have a jumping rope with you since it is useful during warm-up as well as the circuits.

Second Boxing Circuit

  • One minute of jab, cross, and step right
  • Throw jab, cross and return back left
  • Throw jab and then cross again
  • Repeat for a minute
  • One minute of continuous jab while staying in position
  • Ten fast cross and then equal hard shots to the bag
  • Do a burpee and get into the boxing position
  • Punch the bag hard ten times
  • Repeat for a minute

The second boxing circuit is more complex and consuming. You need to practice the steps in the second circuit thrice before you move to the third circuit.

It is normal to feel uneasy and exhausted, but that is how you build endurance. You chose boxing and it takes a lot of heart to keep going.

Third Boxing Circuit

  • Jump rope for two minutes
  • If you have weights, use 1-pound weights and punch continuously for one minute

It is best if you keep the weights slant at eye level and use the whole body to throw the punch

  • Jogging for a kilometer at least
  • Up to 100 sit-ups


Boxing is an excellent form of workout for women and it helps in ways that traditional exercise cannot – you learn self-defense. For beginners, we recommend starting without a bag and practicing the moves. It’ll take some time to learn the lingo and the steps.

While there is no rigid workout routine for boxing with a heavy bag, what we have provided in the text is carefully prepared to cover all the regions of the body. The three circuits also do not bore you too much by concentrating exclusively on boxing. There’s jumping rope, cycling, and jogging included.

We advise you to learn the language of boxing – both literal and body language. There are many terms, and you wouldn’t want to box with an instruction guide in hand.

We now reiterate the mandatory requirement – gloves and wraps. Get yourself a boxing wrap. It is a long piece of fabric that you tie around your palm to protect it from impact during the power punches. And, of course, you know you shouldn’t be boxing without gloves.

We have a very comprehensive set of reviews for gloves and hand wraps. Go through them so that you can make an informed purchase decision.