Outslayer Heavy Bags Review [In Detail]

Looking to train yourself for landing heavy punches and kicks? No equipment is better than a good old heavy bag. There are different types of heavy bags available on the market. But which brand is on top?

One brand that comes to mind for good quality heavy bags is Outslayer. It is one of the top choices for professionals primarily because of its high-end quality.

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the top-notch heavy bags from this brand. So if you‘re looking for one, then scroll further!

About the Outslayer Brand

Outslayer is among the top brands in the combat sports equipment industry. The heavy bags from this brand are exceptional in their quality and built. These heavy bags can take some serious beating and are extremely durable. The thing is the heavy bags by Outslayer are second to none in terms of quality and durability.

There are different types of these bags available for you; only choose that matches your style. With these heavy bags, you can take your training session to the next level.

Outslayer provides a 10-year warranty on all their heavy bags. And that just gives you the peace of mind when you are training hard. Of course, the warranty excludes any damages caused by weather or regular wear and tear or if something happens to the bag due to a sharp object.

But there are several reasons why you would invest in a heavy bag, especially by Outslayer. You might want to train for a fight or various other fitness reasons.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bags Review

Looking for the best Muay Thai heavy bags by Outslayer? Here are two of the best in class. These bags are made to deliver a solid performance. And they will continue to deliver for a long time to come.

Muay Thai 130 lbs (Filled) Heavy Bag by Outslayer

This high-quality heavy bag weighs 130 lbs. and it is an excellent option for Muay Thai training sessions. The heavy bag features a vinyl construction that adds to its overall durability. If you are into kickboxing and looking for a durable heavy bag, then your search is over.

It comes with Outslayer’s trademark 10-year warranty. It means that the heavy bag is designed to take a toll. The height of this bag is six feet, and you can add another 12 inches for the straps and D-rings. As it weighs 130 pounds, the bag is ideally suitable for Muay Thai training with intense kicking and punching.

With this much weight, the bag creates a solid resistance, so you won’t have to deal with a swinging bag during your sessions. You can even add more weight (up to 300 lbs) if you want to get more intensity in your training.

It comes with fabric filling; therefore, you won’t experience any hard or hollow portions within the bag. The strength straps have four different layers to ensure that it holds its position when you are hitting it. Apart from that, you won’t need any extra chains to hang it.


  • High-quality vinyl.
  • Fabric filled for consistency.
  • Weighs 130 lbs, but you can add more up to 300 lbs.
  • Excellent weight resistance for an intense workout.
  • Six feet height best for kicking and punching.


  • D-rings are not hard steel and wear out pretty quickly.


Muay Thai 240 lbs (Unfilled) Punching Bag by Outslayer

It is another good quality heavy bag by Outslayer, and it comes unfilled. The bag is an excellent choice for a variety of training sessions. You can use it for boxing, MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. Outslayer has built this heavy bag for you to use in your gym for professional use.

It comes with the same 10-year warranty that the brand offers and features high-quality straps that will hold it in place. You won’t have to install it using any additional chains to keep it in place when you are training hard with it.

However, you do need to fill it before you start using it for training. Fabric is again a good choice here because you won’t have any unfilled spots anywhere throughout the bag.

In case you want to add more weight, then it is better to go with rice filling. The consistency in weight distribution will be there, and you can get as intense as you want. But filling it with compressed fabric is by far the best option here. Rubber mulch is another option that you can try if you want to add more weight to it.


  • Fill it yourself with any compressed fabric.
  • Long-lasting durability.
  • Vinyl construction to withstand solid blows.
  • 6 feet in height.
  • Excellent for professional and gym training.


  • It comes unfilled, so it is not ready to use.


Outslayer MMA and Boxing Punching Bags Review

If you are interested in quality boxing and MMA heavy bags, then you need to consider the following products. These heavy bags are very sturdy, and you can add weight as you grow in your technique and skill.

Boxing/MMA 100 lbs (Filled) Heavy Bag by Outslayer

Here is the best choice for heavy bag work in boxing or mixed martial arts. The bag weighs 100 pounds and is four and a half feet tall. It means that you can easily land your punches on it and work on your combating skills right in front.

It might not be the best option for you to choose this bag for Muay Thai because it won’t stand a chance against the intense kicks and punches that are involved in such sessions. This bag comes filled with compressed fabric, and you won’t have to deal with any weak or strong spots.

With the perfect density, you will feel that you are hitting a strong muscular opponent. Therefore, you will be developing more power and strength in your punches. The bag is designed for heavy work, so you can use it if you are a professional athlete. The option of weight adjustability is there as well.


  • Weighs around 100 pounds.
  • 4.5 feet tall.
  • Best choice for MMA and boxing training.
  • Suitable for professionals.
  • Fabric filled and vinyl construction.


  • D-rings can wear out after a few by regular and intense sessions.


Boxing 80 lbs (Filled) Heavy Bag by Outslayer

This heavy bag is a good choice for you to consider if you are a lightweight athlete. It weighs 80 pounds and has all the highlighted features of an Outslayer heavy bag.

You don’t need any additional heavy chains to use for hanging it because the straps that come with it are good enough to work. Besides that, the height of this heavy bag is just around four feet. So basically, this heavy bag is designed for smaller athletes. Women will find this heavy bag to be very useful according to their weight and height category.

You can add more weight if you want, and you can use fabric filling for that. Fabric is the ideal choice for heavy bags because you will get that uniformity in the weight distribution. There are no stuffed or hollow spots in your heavy bag as well.

You can use it for your casual workouts if you are looking for a heavy bag for that purpose. It will suit you better if your training sessions focus more on fitness and weight loss than anything else. Since it is a bit smaller in size as compared to the other heavy bags on this list, you can also use it in your home gym.


  • Better suited for small athletes and women.
  • Weight adjustability is there.
  • No additional chain needed for installation.
  • Vinyl casing with a 10-year warranty.
  • Fabric filling for even weight distribution.


  • Not for larger athletes.



The best heavy bag for Muay Thai is the 130 lbs (Filled) Heavy Bag by Outslayer, while the best heavy bag for MMA and boxing is the 100 lbs (Filled) Heavy Bag by Outslayer. Both these products are made with high-quality materials, and they will stand the test of time.

No matter how hard you train, your Outslayer heavy bag will always be your trusty partner because these bags come with a whopping 10-year warranty. You can train all you want with these bags and get your punches and kicks stiff and accurate.

Just make sure that you big the right heavy bag for the right type of training. You can’t use a heavy boxing bag for Muay Thai or vice versa. The bags designed for these activities are different from each other, and you need to be considerate of this fact.

So which one of these Outslayer heavy bags are you going to use for your training?

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