Inflatable Punching Bag: Should You Buy One?

Punching and boxing require a lot of practice, and there’s a lot of gear available for that on the market. The punching bag is the essential gear that one must have apart from boxing gloves and hand wraps.

When we say that there is a lot of equipment, it has a different purpose and is used by different people are varying levels of practice and expertise. An inflatable punching bag is an exciting piece of gear for the beginners.

An inflatable punching bag is a ground anchored bag which, when inflated, stands tall and allows the boxer to practice. While it may appear that it is a replacement for the sturdy hanging bag, it is not. Read further to explore why.

Inflatable punching bag – Who should use it?

inflatable-punching-bagLet’s understand what kind of skills you need to become a good boxer.

Boxing is not only about strength.

It is more than that; accuracy and power are the two aspects that are absolutely essential to becoming a great boxer.

The use of an inflatable punching depends on what you want to achieve. Let’s list down the aspects one could work towards using a punching bag:

  1. Improving punching power
  2. Learning the basics of punching
  3. Increasing the accuracy of your moves
  4. Building endurance
  5. The comprehensive practice of boxing and other Martial Arts moves

Ideal for beginners

A free-standing inflatable punching bag can only be used for learning the basics of punching and improving the accuracy of the steps.

You could mark points on the bag where you want to hit and refine your movement, speed, and accuracy.

There is, however, a drawback with inflatable punching bags. Inflatable punching bags are not heavy enough. Even with a moderate punch, the bag moves away, and you do not feel the impact like you would when you hit a suspended heavy bag.

Getting feedback and feeling the power of the punch is crucial to learning and refining your punching style. Since the inflatable bag moves out of position with little force, even if you try to hit hard, you wouldn’t be because there is a lot of swing.

Practice for beginners, refining the moves and improving accuracy

Beginners may opt for an inflatable bag because a heavyweight suspended bag may be too hard on the knuckles.

  • The novice can practice for a longer duration on an inflatable bag because it does not hit as hard as a traditional bag.
  • Boxing is not just about folding your fingers into a fist and punching. Boxing requires whole-body coordination.
  • Since beginners are likely to make mistakes during their initial learning days, an inflatable bag would be light on the player’s body since it swings and does to give as hard an impact as a suspended heavy bag.

Note: The inflatable bag is worthless for strength training or endurance. If your motive is to train for endurance or strength, you need a heavy bag that hits you back and does not pivot at its joint.

Accuracy and speed

It is harder to aim and hit a moving object when compared to a stationary object. Light free-standing inflatable bags move at very little force, and once they start moving, the movement continues for a while. You need to be vigilant and hit the target while the bag is moving.

Speed is another factor that you can improve using inflatable punching bags. Your reflexes can be strengthened using the light bag, and then you may progress to the heavy bags.

Double-ended bags and speed bags are ideal gear for improving speed and accuracy skills.

Cardio and workout

When there is a lesser chance of getting hit and more chances of practicing faster, you get to have a lot of cardio and lose weight too.

Price and installation

Inflatable bags are quite cheap when compared to the heavy bags hung in the home gyms of professionals. They are not only light in weight but also light to the pocket.

Installing an inflatable bag is hardly a task. You need to pump the air until it’s inflated. Compared to these, the hard bags need to be filled, often with sand or water.


Inflatable punching bags are not for serious training. As we have mentioned before, inflatables are for speed, higher accuracy, and continuous eye movement. You may want to use a double-ended bag. These bags with two ends are attached to the floor and the ceiling like a piece of elastic. Using the ends, you can adjust the tension and practice differently every time.

These bags are suitable for beginners as we have made it clear before. If you explain the online marketplace for inflatable bags, you would probably find maximum options for children. There are lesser options for young adults.

We suggest you start with a cost-effective inflatable bag if you are a beginner and need a softer impact upon punching. This would also allow you to practice for a more extended period. Once you are ready, you may move to the harder hanging bags. We have a comprehensive guide on heavy bags.

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