How To Punch Harder? [Training Tips And Tricks]

Punches are great unless you are at the receiving end. We all wonder how those champions at the ring throw punches with such enormous force and immense power. We’ve all seen those bullies receiving a punch and getting knocked out from the innocent-looking freshmen at college.

The question is – how do they do it? Well, there is more to a punch than just a fist striking the target. Before we get into the intricacies of delivering a forceful blow, we’ll quench your thirst by explaining how you may deliver a harder punch.

How to punch harder?


A powerful punch involves the whole body

Those who believe that the fist, biceps, triceps, and the hand can help deliver a great punch need to get in touch with reality.

While a steady hand may help in a great punch but there is so much room for improvement.

Explosive movement and better force

If you want to master punches, you need to make them explosive. Explosive means that all the parts of the body that contribute to a punch should work together in coordination, and the combined energy should strike the target in as little time as possible.

Recall one of your favorite boxing or martial arts matches. The final blow comes in style – the athlete leaning forward, pivots his body around the waist, and bang.

We explain how these three movements help in a more powerful impact:

  • Arching the body: When the athlete leans, he shifts a lot of his body weight forward. Arching of the body helps deliver more force when the fist hits the opponent.
  • Rotating around the waist: Rotating around the waist gives a higher range of motion. A higher range allows the hand to reach a higher velocity before it hits the target. More speed means more energy delivered.
  • Explosive force: The fist delivers the energy to the “recipient,” and that delivery needs to be explosive. Retract your rapidly once you’ve hit the target.

There is a logical explanation behind these steps. The first is simple – the punch is delivered with a higher weight. Second, too, is simple to understand – high-speed impacts cause more damage.

The third one – explosive force – has some physics behind it. Power is energy delivered per unit time. If your impact is of a shorter duration, the power increases since the energy is delivered in a shorter time.

If that’s a little hard to understand, imaging trying to burst a balloon with the flat end of the pencil. Consider the slower case – you push against the balloon for five seconds, and the balloon changes shape before it explodes, if it explodes.

On the other hand, consider piercing the balloon in a tenth of the time. That’s like a snake-bite. The balloon explodes instantly.

Now that you understand how to improve your punches, we’ll provide you useful tips on how to train yourself to deliver these.

Full body workout


Now that you understand that pretty much your entire body is involved in delivering a harder punch, you need to train yourself for it.

Use weights: – When you hit the gym, lift weights. Hold the bar near your belly and then raise it as powerfully and rapidly as you can. Be careful – this takes time. You should not expect to get anywhere near your potential within a week or even a month.

Burpees: A burpee is a very challenging exercise and you must ensure that when you are rising from the floor, you do it with force. This helps you gain muscle strength to deliver the rapid punch with explosive power. Make sure you correctly do the burpees. There are multiple instructional videos on burpees.

Ball throw: This is another wonderful technique to train your muscles to race. Lie down and take a heavy ball. Raise your arms and throw it in the air and feel the back rise in response to the force. Make sure you throw it straight. Catch and repeat.

Ball on the wall: If you prefer exercising in an upright posture, use a lighter ball and throw it at the wall. Use the muscles of the chest, biceps, triceps, and shoulders to deliver maximum force. With some practice, you’d understand what we mean by “explosive” power.

Pushups: If you’re into pushups, we suggest you use the jump push-up or the clap push-up. In the jump pushup, instead of gradually raising your body, use your hands and legs to “jump.” The muscles need immense force delivered rapidly to raise the body off the ground.

The clap pushup version is only slightly different. Once the body is in the air, clap with your hands and before you touch the ground, ensure your hands are in place to allow you to “land.”

Strength and power are not the same

Strength implies your ability to handle the weight. Power is the ability to deliver energy. If you can lift a 50-kg weight with your hands straight above your head does not necessarily mean you can land a good punch.

Four abilities required to deliver a harder punch

The four abilities are –Technique, Speed, Power, and Accuracy.

  1. Technique helps you use a combination of body muscles to deliver a harder punch. You are advised to use the muscles of the leg, waist, shoulders, and hands.
  2. Higher speed at strike means a higher energy impact. Make your body more flexible. Higher the range of motion, the higher is the speed.
  3. Power is how rapidly you deliver the punch – there is a difference between knocking with the fist and punching with the fist.
  4. The last but the most important is accuracy. You may have perfected the moves to deliver an immensely hard punch, but if it misses the target, your efforts are wasted. Your efforts should be directed at aiming for the target rather than hitting the target.


Punches are only as effective as you make them. Punching harder requires rigorous training and the will to push your body harder and further. Ensure you consistently exercise and train your body. Finally, apart from building strength and speed, you must not lose focus on landing the punch accurately.