How to Hit a Heavy Bag? [Useful Tips]

With the development of complicated devices and techniques to obtain remarkable results in just a short span of time, the health and fitness industry is gradually more veering away from various proven methods to boost health.

A heavy bag is one remarkable tool or equipment which turns out to be legendary in its molding winners or champions, and the outcomes in physical fitness it has obtained for a lot of average people.

A heavy bag is a packed/stuffed bag sometimes made of vinyl or leather that weighs between 50 to 100lbs, and used chiefly amongst boxers and kickboxers for developing power blows and boosting technique.

However, hitting a heavy is demanding, and it requires stamina and strength as well.

For a fairly simple tool, it provides lots of remarkable benefits. No matter what your purpose is, whether it is full-body training, honed self-defense skills, or a well-defined muscular built, the heavy bag is a useful addition to your home gym.

Don’t just throw blows at the heavy bag; you need to know the right technique of hitting it. Below are effective ways on the proper way of hitting a heavy bag. This will help you develop your method and boost your punching power as well.

Tips on Working Out With Heavy Bag


Punching Right

For the most part, a heavy bag is about growing and enhancing your skills in punching, and punching right means flowing as well as snapping.

Snap Blows

Perhaps you already heard a trainer telling to hit the heavy bag, avoid pushing it. Pushing blows means attempting to toss your hand all through the target. A snapping blow means allowing the fist-snap back to you after impact.

It will snap back as you will enable the effect to rebound your hand, not because you pull it back.

Snap blows are usually better compared to pushing punches. Snapping blows is what many skilled and seasoned boxers use. It will take you more time to know how to execute it properly, however very essential when you want to blow or punch properly. Also, it allows you to give a harder and faster blow with less energy,

Flowing Blows

Flowing blows refer to the throw flowing blends which are connected to each other. It is not all about the strikes you give but how you execute them.

In flowing blows, you are required to move around the heavy bag in a comfortable way while providing an endless combination. Not flowing signifies setting the feet and delivering the most powerful blow every time.

This kind of blow is about being comfortable and allowing the hands to go on various combinations of punches with a small break in-between combination to move or slip around.

There is no over three seconds break from blowing, and even then, that is a bit much. Here, the objective is to allow the blows to be natural. Some punches are hard.

However, some shots will about 70 percent power with a focus on snap and speed; you are relaxed and looking at the heavy bag as you are slipping around.

An ideal punching should be flowing and snapping and not waiting or pushing. You need to keep that in your mind.

Perfect Footwork

The movement of your foot must be a minimum, but sad to say, some newbies develop awful and terrible footwork as of excessive time on the bag. Below are the things you must think of in order to keep away from developing bad habits in the movement of your foot.


Hold yourself up and ensure to keep the feet on the floor. Avoid leaning on the heavy bag or try to toss it around or shoulder it as if you are fighting on the inside. For newbies, shoulder the heavy bag will result in poor balance.

An enemy can move out quickly to let you fall off the balance and will make a counter-attack. Also, for beginners, you must learn the proper way of maintaining your balance to give the best attack as well as defend as required.


Walking does not mean placing your hands on your hips and stroll around the heavy bag, but to keep feet on the floor as you are slipping around the heavy bag.

You have to avoid crossing your legs, instead try to think about the movement of your foot as of a more strolling feeling than the feeling of jumping.

Jumping all over the place is the usual mistake many newbies did when hitting a punching bag. This is a common habit that can result in poor awareness of the range, and just a waste of energy.

This can also lead to less grounded pose that restrict blow power as well as the movement of the body. The proper flow of the foot means walking and standing and not jumping and leaning to the heavy bag.

The Number One Issue: Concentrating on Power


Proper hitting of a heavy bag is not just about having a good blow with the superb movement of the body. It’s effortless and yet done in the wrong way most of the time.

The cause is the usual tendency to want to give a hard strike as possible. Throwing hard feels great and looks good. A loud crack sound rewards you for each strong blow. If you punch harder, you will feel good and better.

The concern is: real enemies are not like the heavy bags. They don’t just stand there waiting for your punch. They also slip around and do a counter-attack. So, if you are reckless with your blows and shots, you will receive a hard counter-attack. If you hit him harder, you will hit harder in return.

Keep in mind that fighting a live enemy has something to do with speed, power, and skills. You may even know that other punching heavy bags such as the double end heavy bag and speed bag are ideal to use in developing a high level of skills in boxing.