How to Knock Someone Out? [Comprehensive Guide]

Everyone training combat sports has asked himself the question “How to knock someone out? ” at least one time at a certain point in their life. Whether for a self-defense situation or for an upcoming fight everybody seems to like the idea of knocking down their opponent.

And how could you not like it? An unconscious man can’t punch you, right? Some people believe that you have to be born with that “knockout power”.

However, that is not true and with enough training and some other things that must be considered is completely possible to achieve the knockout. We will reveal all this in the following article.

Warning: A knockout punch is a serious thing. It can cause injuries and inflict brain damage. Never try to knock out your sparring partners just to test your power. We all are in the gym to learn new things and practice the sport we like. If you are a beginner you can check out our sparring tips article.

Where to Hit Someone to Knock Them Out?

First, to answer the question we must know what really is a knockout. What causes a man to fall unconscious after a punch? There are generally two ways for knocking somebody down – with a blow to the head or with a blow to the body.

With the body knockout often the opponent stays conscious but has little to no control over his body. The reason is that there are some less protected by bones and muscle areas of the human body like the liver, the solar plexus, or kidneys.

When one of the previously mentioned body parts gets punched it causes a lot of pain and usually your opponent can’t continue to fight. Check out some scary body shot knockouts in MMA.

Whereas, a strong blow to the head causes the brain to crash into the inside of the skull, resulting in a blackout and often a memory loss.

How to knockout someone

Best Places to Punch if You Want a Knockout


The chin is one of the best places to hit if you want to knock out somebody. The reason is that a hit on the chin even without much power makes the head spin or shake resulting in brain shock and knockout.

Behind the ears

There is a big bundle of nerves behind the ears that makes this area very sensitive. A good punch there often causes a knockout.


Although it’s illegal to hit somebody on the throat in most combat sports, we have to mention it. We don’t suggest hitting anybody in this area as it may result in a serious injury.

The neck and especially the windpipe is very vulnerable part of the body. That’s why when you start practicing combat sports you learn to always keep your hands up – protecting the neck and the chin.

Solar plexus

Hit in the solar plexus

The solar plexus is located just under the chest but above the stomach. A punch delivered in the area results in taking the breath out of your opponent and making them incapable to fight.



The liver is a very painful spot to be punched. Although most likely your opponent will stay conscious, if you perform a nice, clean shot he will be out of the fight.

Ways to Knock Someone Out

We have to deliver a powerful punch at the right time and at the right place. That needs good timing, speed, precision, technique, and power.

The thing is that you have a much greater chance of knocking out somebody if he is not prepared for the shot. Imagine if you tell somebody “Okay, I will hit you right now”. He will flex his muscles and get ready for the shot, making it less likely for you to knock him out. That’s why timing and precision are more important than power.

Therefore if you catch your opponent unprepared that can result in a knockout punch. There are two ways of doing that – either countering your opponent when he doesn’t expect it or by setting up a devastating shot.

Unless you are gifted with extreme power like Sonny Liston, George Foreman, or Lennox Lewis you need to work with combinations and good angles.

For example, Mike Tyson is a famous knockout artist but his scary knockout power comes from his speed and powerful punches to the body then switching up to the head, constantly striking.

How to Train for a Knockout Power?

First, you got to get your technique straight. Without technique, you can’t throw a fast, well-timed, powerful punch.

Second, work on your accuracy. When you are punching think about where you want to land the punches. Don’t just throw some shots and hoping some of them get to your opponent. Watch where you want to hit and know exactly where you want to land the punch. If you work on the heavy bag pretend like the bag is your opponent and try to keep up a fighting pace.

Check out our article about Best Punching Bags

And finally, go to the gym. Yes, although it’s not the only factor, power is an important aspect of getting the desirable knockout power. Do basic, heavy exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press, push-ups, and pull-ups.

The thing is everyone is different and the amount of power required to knock somebody out is different. That is why it’s often said that someone has a “good chin” or a “bad chin”. There is no such thing as a strong, good chin. You can’t make your chin stronger but what you can actually do is strengthen the neck muscles which will prevent your head from easily spinning to the side when punched.

Therefore lowering the chance of getting knocked out.

How to Not Get Knocked Out?

Protecting yourself from a knockout is also an important part of your training. We already discussed how to improve your boxing defense here.

As we already said, the muscle that determines if you are capable of taking big punches is the neck. There are a lot of neck exercises and you can start with the basic ones, moving to the more advanced. Here is a good video about neck exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to knock someone out?

Knocking someone out depends on many factors. Such as power of your shot, weight, age, and health of your opponent, is the shot expected or not, etc.

Depending on these factors you can judge if its hard to knock someone out. There is not an exact formula for a knockout.

How to knock someone out who is bigger than you?

As we already stated, size is not the only factor when it comes down to a knockout. Therefore, knocking out a bigger guy is not a lot different than knocking down a smaller opponent.


This is the complete answer to the question “How to knock somebody out?”. With enough practice and consistency in training, you should be able to massively increase your knockout power.

If you want to share your experience or ask some additional questions feel free to comment below.

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