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Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

The Omniflex freestanding heavy bag by Everlast is an ideal choice for your home gym. It is not very expensive and it won’t take much room either. If you have been looking for a good quality punching bag then your search is over. It gets the job done pretty well if you are looking to train and workout.

But that’s not all! We are here to review this heavy bag and point out some important aspects associated with it. We are doing this so you can make a well-informed decision!

So let’s get to it!

About Everlast

Everlast has been around for more than a century now and right from the beginning, it has been one of the top brands in the MMA and boxing world. It has now become the face of contact sports. Whether it is boxing, MMA, or Muay Thai, Everlast has been the producer, marketer, and licensor of all associated gear. It is a globally recognized brand when it comes to fitness equipment.

The brand’s products are marketed and sold in more than 70 countries across six continents. Everlast has been associated with some of the big names of the boxing industry such as Sugar Ray Robinson and Jack Dempsey. The brand is currently associated with Canelo Alvarez and Benson Henderson.

Everlast Omniflex Review

The Omniflex by Everlast is one heck of a budget-friendly heavy bag. You can conveniently work on your reflexes as well as your footwork as it allows you to improve your ducking and weaning.



Everlast has used high-quality materials in the construction of this heavy bag. The outer-lying feature is Nevatear which means “it will never tear.” The bag is filled with shock-absorbing foam and it will cushion your hands from the impacts that you will make when punching. The foam is a bit on the harder side and you should use gloves or hand wraps when training.


It has a very stable base and so it should be because it is a freestanding bag. You can use water or sand to fill it up. Filling it with water would be better if you don’t want to make a mess. But sand provides the bag with more stability. It will be able to withstand the punches that you will throw at it and you won’t have to pick it up again and again.

Flexible Joint

In the neck region of this bag, there is a small joint. It means that when you punch it, the top portion of this bag will move back and forth. And with these features, you can work on your reflexes as well. Weaving and ducking are the two moves that you can frequently practice with.

With this joint feature, you get to train yourself for Muay Thai and MMA too. So there is plenty of versatility that it has to offer. If you are looking to practice clinching with it then, this heavy bag is a great choice.

Adjustable height

An adjustable height setting makes it useful for different kinds of users. If you are the only one who is going to use the bag even then this feature would come in handy. You can prepare yourself to fight against a bigger opponent and throw punches that are higher than you. It also allows you to practice uppercuts.

Weight and size

Omniflex heavy bags have a very compact design and hence it is an ideal option for training at home. When you fill it with water, it will way around 130 lbs. So it is not designed to take heavy punches. The best you can do with it is to work on your technique and improve your reflexes. Its total height is 67 inches so it can fit in any room pretty comfortably without taking much space.


If you are looking for a true budget option then you will find this heavy bag very useful. And it will provide you with your money’s worth. You don’t have to deal with any messy work of drilling holes in your ceilings or walls. It also doesn’t take much space.

You’ll get a true value for money in every possible way. You might have to be a little bit careful around the neck area. Too much heavy-hitting will break it off. So better use it for training and not power-hitting.


  • The flexible neck allows you to use it for clinching in Muay Thai or MMA.
  • Effortless to set up.
  • Different height adjustments.
  • Doesn’t take much space.
  • Fill the base with sand or water.
  • Great for developing technique and improving reflexes.


  • Not for heavy blows.
  • It does make some noise when you hit it.
  • Small hole to fill sand (makes a mess).



Can I separate its pole from the bag?

No, you cannot remove the bag from the pole. It comes as one unit.

What can I use to fill the base of this bag?

You can either use 50 lbs of sand or 15 gallons of water in the base of this heavy bag before you start your session.

Do I have to use gloves to train with the Omniflex?

Yes, you do need gloves or hand wraps to work with this bag. The ideal pair of gloves for you to use in your session is either a 10 oz or a 12 oz.

Can kids use this bag?

Yes, kids can use this bag but make sure that they know about the flexible neck joint feature to prevent any injuries.


All-in-all, the Omniflex by Everlast is a top choice for you to consider if you are looking to train yourself or want to work on your fitness. This bag is not the ideal choice for you if you are a power-hitter. You can practice your moves and improve your technique though.

It is an extremely lightweight bag and it doesn’t take much space either. Setting it up is no trouble either. Just be prepared to clean up some mess when you fill it with sand because the hole is too small.

The bag is made of high-quality wear-resistant materials and features a slightly harder foam. Therefore, you will need a pair of gloves or hand wraps to work with it.

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