Do UFC Fighters Wear Cups?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is a quest for glory and the fighters train long and hard over the years to reach a spot in the UFC arena. Enduring punches, jabs, kicks, and other martial arts moves to win matches is undoubtedly not very comfortable, even if it comes with a monetary reward.

There’s a lot of pain to be borne before you may step out even for amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fights. Now only imagine that in a UFC match, a fighter gets a kick in the groin and falls to the ground with immense pain. It is not only the physical pain but also the mental agony of hundreds of thousands of fans watching live or on a television broadcast.

To protect the fighters from this hazard and embarrassment, the men are required to wear cups that are supposed to protect the sensitive groin area from intended or unintended impact.


Is the Groin Guard Optional or Mandatory?

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has mandated the use of groin cups without which a player may not fight a match.

We feel that it’s a sensible decision taken by the association. It is the responsibility of the UFC Association to not only govern but also ensure the safety of the participants.

Also, imagine how big a public relations disaster it would be for the UFC, and the broadcasting channels if a champion is hardly affected by punches but falls flat on the ground with an unintended kick to the genital area.

What are groin cups made of?

To tackle the high impact in MMA moves, the groin cups are made from high quality elastic and spandex material.

To provide superior comfort to the athlete, the groin cup molds are made from elastomers (heat-treated polymers). The soft edges of the cups prevent any discomfort during fights.

Just like a boxing glove is not enough to protect the hand and needs augmentation in the form of hard wraps, a hollow mold can hardly protect the most sensitive region of the man’s body.

To provide further protection and distribution of impact, their core is made, often, from a polymer that is rigid but flexible enough not to compromise comfort.

How are groin cups worn?

Most groin cups use a system of multiple straps to secure it correctly. The straps are made from elastic that provides sufficient tension to keep the cup in place.

There may be multiple straps or bands to prevent the horizontal or vertical movement of the cups during those intense fighting moves.

Sizing of a groin cup is a question people often wonder about. The waist-length determines the size of the cup because it is the set of straps that need to be adjusted to match the size of the player. Fortunately, for cup manufacturers, the size of the groin area is more or less the same for people.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) mandates the use of groin cups for men to protect the delicate region from inadvertent impact. Any impact to the groin region may even be lethal to the participant and, therefore, until a fighter has protected his nether regions, he shall not be allowed to enter the ring.


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