Common Heavy Bag Workout Mistakes

Boxing is gaining popularity as a sport. There has been an increased fan following for boxing matches on television and the internet. This revolution has led to people using heavy boxing bags for boxing training or simple cardiovascular workout.

Heavy bags may weigh over 200 pounds and have the potential to cause a lot of damage and injury to the body if used improperly. We list the most common heavy bag workout mistakes so that you may learn to avoid these.

Common Mistakes When Using a Punching Bag

Unprotected hands


The body is delicate. The bag is not. The bag is replaceable; the hands are not. Practitioners may, because of ignorance, lack of knowledge, or lack of gear, start using a heavy punching bag without equipment.

Without using proper hand protection, you expose your muscles and bones to injury due to the impact of boxing. Pain, obviously, is another factor.

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Improper gear

It is recommended to have hand wraps in addition to boxing gloves. While the boxing gloves act as a first layer of protection, the hand wraps distribute the impact and allow for a longer practice.

Incessant practice

Boxing is a skill. It cannot be perfected quickly, if at all. Go slow – that is what we recommend beginners with newly purchased heavy bags.

The initial enthusiasm dies down soon if one over-practices in the first few days. This is because of the pain and mental saturation.

Not having a proper technique

Boxing with a heavy bag is not just about powerful punches. Even if you intend to use the heavy bag purely as a form of a workout aid, you need to do more than boxing.

As we have mentioned before, good boxing entails a combination of movement of the legs, waist, upper torso, shoulders, and hands.

Craft a workout technique for yourself. Practice the moves for the entire body before you land the punch on the heavy bag.

If you are not in a proper position when you deliver those punches, the impact of the punches may spread to other parts of the body, causing pain, muscle damage and mobility issues.

Not following a schedule

It is hardly a surprise that sportspeople are one of the most disciplined people in the world when it comes to their sport. Discipline ensures that the body gets a proper dose of rest along with a severe bout of practice.

Lookup the internet and create a workout schedule for yourself and follow it religiously. Skipping the moves or having “cheat days” would not only affect your practice but also hinder your progress in achieving the strength that you endeavor to have. Punching bag workouts are rigorous and stringent. Be disciplined.

We have listed the common heavy bag mistakes that beginners are prone to making. Even informed professionals sometimes make these mistakes. Apart from the points we mentioned, it is essential to have the correct boxing bag for your age, height, and expertise.

If you do not have the correct bag, all your efforts may go in vain, and you may end up having only a fraction of the practice and expertise that you intended.