Century Bob vs. Century Bob XL Review

Whether it is boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, kickboxing, or any other contact sport training, you need durable gears for your practice sessions. You have to have a proper target to land your punches and kicks. Without such a target, you will lack composure in your training. And this is where a heavy bag becomes handy.

You’ll find many people recommending Century heavy bags. The company uses high-quality materials in the construction of these bags. These products last for a long time regardless of your strength as a trainee.

Century Bob and Century Bob XL are two of the best products in this category and they both come in different sizes.

In this post, we will review and compare both these bags and see which one comes out on top.

Bob Heavy Bag Review

Century Bob is the standard model and it weighs over 270 pounds when filled. The structure of this heavy bag features a male torso along with an angry face. This torso is mounted on a stand and you can easily make height adjustment according to your needs and preferences.


Weight distribution

The weight distribution of this heavy bag is around the torso section. Therefore, the design of this mannequin is very dense. Due to its weight, you will find that it doesn’t move around a lot on the floor. But it will rotate if you hit it with an intense blow on one side.

Mimics real human

If you are learning the basics then this heavy bag is the right option for you. Training with such a heavy bag that mimics a human allows you to train yourself where to hit exactly and how much damage it can do to your opponent.

You will find that Century Bob is not too broad or too slim. It closely resembles a human figure to provide you with the right feel. With a realistic target to workaround, you will have better chances to improve the accuracy of your kicks and punches.

Height Adjustments

One of the best features of this heavy bag is that you can conveniently make adjustments to its height. There are seven different adjustments available and it means that you can conveniently use it no matter how tall you are. The adjustments range between 60 inches and 78 inches.


In terms of durability, Century Bob exceeds expectations and performs better than most other heavy bags that you can find on the market. But still, if your kicks and strokes are extremely powerful then this might not be the right product for you to train on. In such a case you might end up breaking the face of the torso.

With an intense session, the six screws that are there on this mannequin might also come loose and you will have to fix them. It can be a huge pain in the neck when you are going strong through your session. Therefore, Century Bob is better suited for training sessions to improve on precession and not for those power strike sessions.


  • Seven different easy to adjust heights.
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Its base can be filled with water or sand.
  • Weighs around 270 pounds when filled.
  • Mimics real human
  • Improves precision in your strikes.


  • Not for power blows



If you are new in your session and still getting to know how intense your strikes are then the Century Bob will work very well for you. But if you know how to hit it hard then this is not the right choice for you or you will break its neck with just one punch.

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Bob XL Heavy Bag Review

The Century Bob XL is slightly different from the design of the original Century Bob. You will immediately notice that this mannequin includes thighs with shorts. This section is made of the same foam material of which the torso and head are made of. And it has the same color as the rest of the mannequin.

Weight distribution

The Century Bob XL might have more meat on in (so to speak) but it weighs the same as the Century Bob. However, with more area to cover and the same weight the Century Bob XL has a weight distribution more towards the lower abdomen. Therefore, you will find this mannequin hard to tip-off as compared to Century Bob.

Tall in size

It is taller than the Century Bob. Therefore, it is a better option for taller users. Tall people won’t find the Century Bob very useful even if they adjust the height to its highest level. But the Century Bob XL is taller and its center of gravity is more towards the middle therefore, it can take on some powerful blows. With this structural difference, Century Bob XL is a much better option than Century Bob.

Better suited for intense workouts

The Century Bob XL is better than the Century Bob because it can take on some heat. Therefore, Bob XL is better suited for intense workouts. If you fill its base with sand and water, it won’t budge from its space at all. Therefore, it is an ideal scenario for someone who is looking to train as hard as possible.


Due to its size and inclusion of thighs, the Bob XL becomes a lot more versatile than its regular counterpart. Whether you are looking to train yourself for kickboxing, Muay Thai, MMA, or wrestling, the BOB XL will suit you better. You will find different targets to focus on according to the contact sport you are practicing.

Improved precision with a wider range

With the help of Bob XL, you can improve on the precision and intensity of your shots. And the best part is that you can cover more areas while doing this. With the inclusion of the thigh section, you have more areas to focus on and it expands your combat skills as well.


There isn’t any difference between the Bob punching bag and the Bob XL, because Century has used the same type of materials in the construction of both these mannequins. If you can manage to hit Bob XL extremely hard then you might end up breaking its face. But still, it is much harder to do with Bob XL as compared to Bob.


  • Mimics human figure very well.
  • Features thigh section in addition to the head and torso section.
  • More striking surface for low body shots.
  • Better suited for taller users.
  • Can handle power strikes as well.
  • Weighs around 270 pounds when filled.
  • Multiple height adjustments.


  • Not for shorter opponents.


If you are looking to practice some powerful blows and don’t want your mannequin to move around much then you need to choose the Bob XL. It is better suited for taller users and it won’t budge due to the lower center of gravity.



Century Bob vs. Century Bob XL: which one lasts longer?

The company has used the same foam materials in the construction of both these heavy bags. Therefore, they both can last long. However, you need to take proper care of them if you want them to go on for many years.

Do I need to tighten the screws of these heavy bags frequently?

If you are not very strong in your strikes then you can just tighten the screws once before your session daily. You can also do so once every two days based on the requirement. However, if you make intense shots then you need to check the screws before and after your workout.

How easy is it to store these mannequins?

Both these mannequins don’t have much footprint and they both have stands made of plastic. At the bottom, these stands are round in shape. Therefore, they are very easy to roll. You can also remove the figure from its stand and store them inside plastic to protect them from dust. So they both are very easy to store.

For teenagers in MMA training which one is better: Bob or Bob XL?

For such users, Bob is the better choice because they will find it easy to work with. But if the training will focus on the thigh area as well then you should choose the Bob XL.


All in all, body opponent bag review has revealed that both Century Bob and Century Bob XL will let you throw your punches at real targets for better training. However, Bob XL is better suited for power blows because its center of gravity is low. In punching Bob is better. Therefore, it is better suited for boxers or training sessions where you are looking to improve your precision.

Bob XL is suitable for taller opponents. But both these heavy bags can last for a long time if you take proper care of them. When comparing Century Bob vs heavy bag, you will see that Century Bob (or Bob XL) is much more versatile than a heavy bag because of height adjustments.

You get to make height adjustments for different sized opponents and you can also practice different contact sports on them. But the Bob XL takes the lead here because it can withstand powerful blows and it also allows you to work on lower blows as well as your accuracy. You become much more versatile in your attacks.

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