Can You Punch A Heavy Bag Without Gloves?

Beginners and boxers do get the thought of punching a heavy bag without gloves quite a lot of times. The novice wants to try it because they do not understand all the hype behind boxing gloves and over that boxing wraps.

For the professionals, it is about strength and building a more considerable and sustained endurance for the pain to help win matches.

The answer is YES. You can punch a heavy bag without gloves. However, once you satisfied your curiosity having done it a few times, you shall realize why boxing wraps and boxing gloves exist.

For beginners, a punching bag should seldom be used without protection. However, trained athletes and boxing professionals may use it for strength training.


Heavy punching bag – characteristics

A heavy bag weighs around 70 pounds and may go as high as 250 pounds. Even the lowest weight, 70 pounds, is a lot of hit with bare hands.

Beginners who try punching a heavy bag once with bare hands may feel the immense effects of the impact. Since there is no shock protection, the muscles, and ultimately, the bones bear the impact of the punch. In the longer run, this is not good for muscle and bone health.

Punching Technique

Punching technique and body movement may make the difference between winning and losing a professional match. Beginners who do not have a proper punching technique practiced enough should not consistently try to hit bare-handed.

Less practice, more pain

Boxing takes rigorous training. It is more than a workout of just the fist, arm, and shoulder. Punching, and other martial arts moves, require whole-body movement to deliver a powerful punch with speed and accuracy.

Practicing bare-handed inevitably causes pain and discomfort. For the unconditioned, it may cause severe muscle and bone pain, strong enough to force the practitioner to stop boxing. The purpose of boxing is defeated. The damage to the body is an even more significant concern.

For the professionals

For seasoned professionals, the answer varies. Yes, they may use the heavy punching bag without gloves or wraps. However, an unprotected practice should not be their only way of training.

There surely is a need to build endurance to pain to be able to play effectively in the arena, but that endurance is built gradually.

Professionals should gradually ramp up the use of bare-handed punching, maybe from one day a week to about three days a week, if they practice all days of the week.

The body needs recovery

Some individuals have an immense threshold for pain and a very high drive to win. They may be able to bear the pain but the body still sustains the damage.

Highly driven individuals need to know that a higher pain threshold is not the only factor that may help them win. There are a lot of factors – speed, accuracy, technique, timing, and pre-empting the opponent’s move.

If these individuals can work out a correct balance of using the heavy punching bag without gear with improving the other aspects, they can help their bodies recover. After all, the body needs recovery.