Can I Use My Heavy Bag Outside, and How?

A lot of people ask if it is possible to use a heavy bag outside and if it is possible how they can do it. Well, some of us don’t have the choice to hang a heavy bag indoors, so the best option is to hang it outdoors.

Using a heavy bag outdoor eliminates the shaking of your home when using it. What is more, this also gets rid of the nuisance to your family and your neighbors. Using a heavy bag outdoors allows you to inhale fresh air while you are at it.

Tips on Using Heavy Bag Outside


Hang and re-hang

The best way to prolong the life of your heavy bag when using it outside is to hang it for the period you are going to use it, and then bring it back inside when done. Even when you use some of the alterations, we will discuss later one; you cannot get a fully waterproof heavy bag.

Vinyl, leather, or canvas will submerge some amount of water and which will result in many issues.

Sooner or later, mold will begin growing inside and the bag, and as you will hit it, it will start spreading outside that is dangerous for your wellbeing.

Any hit will make water pour out on the other side or underneath the bag that can lead to the occurrence of foul odor or smell. Due to the accumulation of water inside your bag will be heavier, and during colder season’s hit, it will turn into a brick.

Although it is the most excellent thing to do, many people out there don’t want to stress with the constant hanging of their heavy bags that can surely get relatively awkward if it weighs 45.5 kilos or more than.

What do if you want to use and leave heavy bags outdoor permanently?

Cover Your Heavy Bag

After using, you have to cover it with plastic in order to keep it safe and sound from various kinds of elements like too much sunlight, water, and pests. You can also use a garbage bag to cover your heavy bag.

Again, your objective here is not just to lessen the amount of water soaking in, but also keep the sun rays from harming it further. You can also apply a layer of protective spray. This makes your heavy bag weather resistant.

You can also wrap it from bottom to top using duct tape. That can make your heavy bag sturdy, durable, and water-resistant.


You may need to get a new one.

Heavy bags filled with water are all the rage today, and expertly consider them as the best form to hang out outsider as they are 100% waterproof.

You can stop the water inside from freezing through integrating anti-freeze into the mixture.

So here are some of the best methods on how to use your heavy bag outside. Let us know if the article was helpful or if you have any questions.

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