9 Boxing Tips That Will Improve Your Striking [Right Now]

Fundamental Boxing Tips for Beginners

We can all agree that learning how to box is not an easy thing to do and it requires a lot of time and dedication.

In this article, we will give you some basic(but very effective) boxing tips that can improve your striking immediately!


One of the most important things that newbies(and not only newbies) don’t do is to relax.

You can easily spot a beginner in the gym when you see his tensed muscles and stiff punches.

The key to good boxing, fluent motion, fast punches, and good cardio is relaxation.

Loosen up your shoulders, relax your arms and try to throw fast and sharp punches. You will see a big difference in the speed and power of your punches.

Also, you will definitely look and feel better because you won’t waste all of your energy tensing your muscles.


Breathing is one of the most important things in boxing and when done wrong it can disrupt your whole game.

Tensed muscles + improper breathing = gassing out(fast!).

When sparring or working on the heavy bag take a breath and exhale on every punch you throw. This type of breathing will make your punches sharper and also will keep you from tiring out.

The right breathing technique is crucial to maintaining a good cardio level and allows you to have the energy for the whole workout.


Just because boxing is all about punches with hands doesn’t mean that there is no footwork involved.

Actually, good footwork is a vital part of a great defense and sharp offense.

Focus on always being light on your feet, whether you are hitting the pads, working on the heavy bag, or sparring.

Always stand on the balls of your feet, not putting too much weight on the front foot. That way you can move towards your opponent or dodge a punch faster.

A big part of the right footwork is creating angles. This is where you can distinguish a beginner from a pro boxer.

For example, instead of just stepping back to avoid a punch, try to slide your back foot so your body turns at around 45 degrees. That way you will not only avoid the punch but also you will be in a perfect position for a powerful counter-punch.

However, developing good footwork is hard and you just can’t learn it from reading. Make sure to ask your trainer for the right technique and keep practicing.


If you are a beginner it will be better if you learn a couple of combinations and practice them until they are as simple as throwing a single jab.

As you spend more time training you will notice what type of combinations you like best and your style will form.

In the beginning, stick to basic boxing combinations until you master them. Later on, you can move to more advanced and unorthodox combos.

Stay Hydrated & Eat Good

Yes, this is not exactly a boxing tip. However, boxing workouts are tough and if you want to have a productive and meaningful training you must have energy.

And you just can’t have enough energy if you are not eating well and if you are dehydrated.

If you are constantly showing up feeling bag you will end up having sluggish, unproductive workouts and probably will lose motivation after some time.

Of course, you can’t be at your best 100% of the time. However, maintaining a good diet will help you not only become a better boxer but also will make you feel better and energized during the day.

Proper Guard

A proper stance and guard could give you all the advantages you need over your opponent.

Always keep your chin tucked, your hands high and your elbows low, resting on your body.

That way you can easily block all kinds of strikes. Also, you are preserving the needed energy because you are basically resting your arms on your body.

This is a good and short explanation video:

Throw Body Shots

A lot of the beginners go hunting for their opponent’s head. However, this is not the best strategy and it’s easily predictable.

Make sure to mix up your style and don’t train only for head strikes.

Try to include some body shots in your combinations as well.

Stay Focused

If you really want to improve your boxing skills then you need to stay focused. Don’t just train for the sake of it.

Always think about the next thing you need to improve and focus on the right technique.

Have Fun

One of the best things about boxing and combat sports, in general, is that they involve a lot of fun.

You would rarely have a boring workout and this is a great thing to keep you in the gym.

Even if you are not going to be a fighter, combat sports training is one of the best exercises to keep you in shape, making you feel good and confident in yourself.

Of course, you should give your best during training but always try to have fun. That way you won’t lose motivation and you will always have the desire to go to the gym.


These are just the basic boxing tips for beginners but are they are highly effective and you can apply them in your next training session.

When starting out, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Always try to relax and enjoy your training while learning new techniques and having a good time.

Try working out on 1-2 tips from the list and when you master them, move on to the next. That way you will keep yourself from information overload and you are actually going to progress.

Keep in mind that boxing is like everything else in life. If you want to become good at it then you need just one thing – a lot of practice.

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