Top 5 Best Water Punching Bags

Looking for the best water punching bag? If so, then you’re lucky: that’s what we are going to help you with today!

Just so happens that we have prepared our reviews of 5 great water punch bags. They are all excellent, but each of them has its own unique things.

Any of them could be the right bag for you! And to make choosing one of them easier, we have also prepared a buying guide for you!

So what, shall we begin?


Best Water Heavy Bags Reviewed

Aqua Training Bag HaymakerAqua Training Bag

Thanks to its teardrop shape, Aqua Training Bag Haymaker is the more versatile water-filled boxing bag on the list. Landing pretty much any kind of punches with this bag is very easy, so it is a good pick for general boxing workouts.

This water bag comes in several sizes from the 9-inch 15-pound bag to the huge 21-inch 190-pound water heavy bag. The lighter and smaller versions of this bag could be easily used for speed training. And the heavier ones would be better for training the power of your kicks and punches.

However, since this bag is hung high above the ground, doing low kicks and low punches with it won’t be possible. Keep that in mind.

The commercial-grade vinyl composition allows this bag to be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition, it has also been designed for both home and commercial use.

A part of this bag’s charm is that it looks cool thanks to its flashy color scheme, but don’t expect it to be a perfect sphere as portrayed on the images.

Aqua Training Bag Haymaker comes with everything necessary for training – apart from water – a shackle, a filling nozzle, and an extra stopper. And besides, it is backed up by a 2-year warranty.


  • 4 size options.
  • Cool look.
  • Lighter versions can be used for speed training.


MaxxMMA 5 ft Water/Air Heavy Bag

MaxxMMA heavy bag looks very much like a regular sand-filled heavy bag. This means that you’ll be able to do all the same low/high punches or kicks on this bag.

On the other hand, it won’t be the best pick for uppercuts.

Unlike a regular sand-filled heavy bag, MaxxMMA heavy bag is very easy to store and carry around when empty. This is a benefit of any water punching bag, but you especially feel it with very heavy bags.

Interestingly, this heavy bag can be filled to its half, allowing you to adjust its weight between 70 and 140 pounds. MaxxMMA water heavy bag thereby is a rather versatile piece of training equipment.

Another remarkable feature of this heavy bag is that it can be filled with either water or air. So if you find that water freezes in it during winter, you could just fill it with air, though you’d lose some of the bags feel with it.

MaxxMMA is rather generous when it comes to the included attachments and accessories: they ship this bag with an air pump, a water hose, and a heavy bag wrap to make the bag feel softer for your punches and kicks.

MaxxMMA backs the inner tube of this heavy bag by a 2-year guarantee, so you will be able to easily replace it should it puncture.


  • Suitable for training power.
  • Can be filled with both water and air.


  • Takes up a lot of room.


Ringside Hydroblast Water Heavy BagRingside Hydroblast

Ringside Hydroblast water heavy bag looks like the Aqua Training Bag Haymaker we reviewed in the beginning, but this one has a more elongated shape. It thus simulates the human torso better.

Just like the Haymaker, it is suitable for uppercuts and knee hits, but you can also do lower kicks and punches with this bag.

Like the Haymaker bag, this water heavy bag has several size options – 24, 48, 86, and 153 pounds. Again, the lighter ones would be suitable for speed training, while the heavier options are used for training the power of kicks and punches.

This water bag is made of heavy and durable rubber, allowing its use both outdoors and indoors. Thanks to the rubber, this bag should be more durable than the Haymaker.

This bag obviously ships unfilled, but it includes a garden hose adapter for water filling.

We should also mention the one downside that we found in this bag. This downside is the ridges on the surface of the bag.

While these ridges are probably there to make the bag stronger, they make punching the bag bare-hand very hard and painful. Aside from that, the ridges will probably sting your shins during kicking.

This won’t be a problem if you only train in wraps and boxing gloves, but otherwise, you would need to be very careful with this bag. But other than that, this bag is an excellent choice for boxing or MMA training.


  • 4 size options.
  • Durable.
  • The lighter versions can be used for speed training.


  • The ridges on the surface may hurt your hands and shins while hitting.


Aqua Bruiser BagAqua Bruiser Bag

If you are looking to bring your training as close as possible to actual boxing or MMA meets, then the Aqua Bruiser Bag might be that best water punching bag for you.

This water heavy bag is designed to mimic the upper body of a 6’1” male, including the shoulders, the chest, and the torso. This bag thereby combines the benefits of a water bag and a human-shaped bag: it provides real-life striking angles and the natural feel of a water bag.

The Aqua Bruiser Bag weighs 160 pounds when filled with water, so it is a suitable choice for training the power of your punches and kicks. However, obviously, you won’t be able to train low kicks with this bag.

A thing to keep in mind: on the images, the neck area of the bag has a slightly concave shape. But when actually filled with water, it is more flattened, which could impact the quality of the head strikes.


  • Mimics the torso of the opponent.
  • Excellent for training power punches and kicks.


  • Expensive


Everlast HydroStrike Water BagEverlast HydroStrike

And the last water-filled bag on our reviews looks very much like the Ringside Hydroblast bag we reviewed a bit earlier. This one may be the better choice for you though. We’ll explain why in a bit.

Everlast offers this bag in just one size – 100 pounds. If that’s exactly what you need, then you won’t care that there are no other size options.

The shell of this water heavy bag is made from synthetic leather, which is a durable and cheaper alternative to natural leather. Besides, synthetic leather isn’t very sensitive to moisture, which is perfect for a water-filled heavy bag.

If Hydroblast heavy bag’s ridges sounded like a serious issue for you, then you’ll be glad that the HydroStrike bag doesn’t have them. It only has a seam running along its center, which definitely isn’t as troublesome.


  • Durable.
  • Great for power training.


  • Only 1 size option available.


How To Choose The Best Water-Filled Punching Bag?

What is a water-filled punching bag?

As the name suggests, a water punching bag is a punching bag that is filled with water rather than with sand or air. Water-filled boxing bags have several advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Pros of water-filled boxing bags

Natural feel

The first difference in water bags that you’d notice is how they feel. And that other kind of feeling is the thing that makes water-filled bags so good for training.

When you punch a regular boxing bag, the filler – sand, foam, etc. – gets slightly shifted around. If you punch the same spot a lot, it may get flat or even sink into the bag.

This doesn’t happen with water-filled bags. You still move the water inside the bag with your punches, but it just goes back into its place, thus retaining the shape of the bag and creating that rebounding feel.

This is great not only because the bag retains its shape but also because it is more natural.

And the less you fill the bag with water, the stronger the rebound will be. And, on the other hand, a bag may get very hard if you fill it to the tip.

You don’t want too much though: a water boxing bag needs to be filled with enough water so that it weighs and feels as you need.


You could fill a water bag all the way up. Or you could fill up just halfway. The choice is yours. This could be done with regular sand-filled bags as well, but it’s so much more convenient and quick with water bags.

As a result, a heavy punching bag could be filled halfway for some speed or technique work. Or when you feel like punching really strong, you could fill the bag all the way up.

You still can’t really use a full-size water heavy bag for good speed work due to its large size, but there is some degree of versatility still present in any water punching bag.

Easy on the hands

The free movement of the water inside the bag also makes punching it much easier on the wrists and hands. This is a benefit that beginners will surely appreciate, as well as those who want to focus on their punching technique.

Compact and easy to store & carry

Another benefit of a water-filled punching bag is that it occupies very little room and weighs just a couple of pounds when empty. This makes water bags very easy to carry and store.

And, because water-filled bags are light, their shipping costs are quite low, which surely is a thing that athletes on a budget would want.

Cons of water-filled boxing bags

Very messy if punctured

If the bag punctures, you won’t have a good time. If such a thing happens in your garage or another area where the flooring is non-sensitive to water, you’ll be very lucky.

On the other hand, wooden or laminate flooring may suffer from water severely.

Fortunately, water-filled bags puncture very rarely, but still, this is a thing that you need to be cautious of.

Freezes in the cold

If you like to train in the backyard throughout the entire year, then getting a water-filled punching bag is a bad idea. That’s simply because water can freeze in it if the temperature is low enough, which will make the bag useless.

And freezing can also damage the bag.

Things To Look For In Water-Filled Punching Bags


The weight is the first thing that you’d need to look in a water-filled bag.

The right weight will depend on your needs. If your goal is to train the power of your punches or kicks, then you would need to look for a heavier boxing bag.

And, on the other hand, for speed work, you would need to buy a lighter water punching bag.


The size is the second most important spec in water-filled punching bags to look for. In fact, for some people, size is more important than weight since it strongly impacts how easy to use the bag will be.

A water bag that has the right size would allow you to do the training that you need. If you want to train just high punches and kicks, then a small bag would be enough for you.

Besides, it is easier to do uppercuts and knee hits on smaller bags.

But if you need to practice both high and low kicks and punches, then you’d need a full-size water-filled bag like the MaxxMMA 5 ft. bag we examined.

Size is also important because you need to make sure that you have enough free room for the bag. Get a too big punching bag, and you’ll discover that you just don’t have enough free space for it.

So make sure that you are getting a bag that isn’t too big for you!


As you could have seen from the reviews, water-filled bags come in various shapes and sizes, just like sand-filled bags. Water punching bags are a bit less versatile though: for example, you probably won’t find a freestanding or a double-end water-filled bag.

Still, there are plenty of shapes out there to pick from.

First comes the regular heavy-bag shape. A water-filled bag like the MaxxMMA 5 ft. bag would allow you to train a wide range of kicks and punches, both high and low.

You could also train uppercuts and knee strikes on a water heavy bag, but it isn’t the most convenient choice for these hits.

Next comes the spherical water bag. These are hung high above the ground, which makes them suitable for training high kicks and punches.

On the other hand, they can’t be used for low strikes unless they are hung low to the ground.

Spherical water punching bags also are very convenient to train uppercuts and knee hits with.

Pill-shaped striking bags very much have the same benefits and uses as spherical bags, but since they are longer and lower to the ground, they can be used for lower strikes.

Lastly, there are human torso-shaped water punching bags. These deliver a punching experience that is very close to real life, allowing you to practice natural angles of punches and kicks.


Can you fill a water punching bag with sand?

Technically yes, but the small size of the nozzle makes that an insanely difficult and unreasonable thing to do. You could fill the bag with air instead of water though.

Do you need to empty the bag after each use?

No, you may fill it once and just forget about it. Draining it after each training session and then filling it again would be just a huge waste of water.

In some cases, you may need to drain the bag, for example, when transporting it in a vehicle. But that isn’t necessary either.

You should definitely drain the bag though if you’ll be storing it for a long time. This will come in handy especially in winter since there will be no water in it to freeze.

Can water punching bags withstand Muay Thai kicks?

Water-filled bags can withstand pretty much any punch or kick that you throw at them.


So what, did you find that best water punching bag? If so, then you should probably waste no time and go get it!

Otherwise, continue to look for the right water punching bag. In the end, no matter how long it takes, you will be able to find the very best water bag for you!


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