Top 6 Best Speed Bags [Buying Guide]

Power is very important in any fighting discipline. However, what use does raw strength have if you aren’t accurate and quick? To be a versatile fighter who can come out a winner in any situation, you need to have both power and speed.

And what better way to train speed than with a speed bag?

If that’s exactly what you are looking for, then our reviews of 6 great speed bags will certainly interest you! And to help you choose that best speed bag from them, we prepared a handy buying guide!

Let’s begin!


Best Speed Bags Reviewed

TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed BagTitle Boxing Speed Bag

For a rather cheap price, Title Boxing Gyro-Balanced speed bag has quite a lot to offer. Let’s begin with its materials.

The outer shell of this bag is made from genuine leather. Thanks to this, Title speed bag is highly durable. The triple reinforced seams and lacing further add to the durability of this bag.

The bladder of this bag is made from butyl rubber that is tough and doesn’t leak air that much, albeit it makes this speed bag a bit heavier. This isn’t the downside of the bag though: rubber bladders just tend to be heavier.

Title constructed this speed bag with the Gyro-Balanced manufacturing to ensure good recoiling and rebounds, so you could expect to get some great speed training with this bag.

You could choose a size for this speed bag as well: Title offers XXS, S, M, and L sizes, so you’d be able to pick the right one for your skill and weight.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Good rebound.


Pro Impact Genuine Leather SpeedbagPro Impact Speed Bag

Pro Impact speed bag is a good and a bit cheaper alternative to the Title punching bag we’ve just reviewed. It still has a couple of features to boast though.

First off, its outer shell is also made from top-grade genuine leather complemented with triple reinforced seams. In terms of durability, this bag should thereby be similar to the Title speed bag.

The bladder, however, is made from latex. This makes the bladder lighter, but latex bladders tend to lose air quicker and are a bit less durable than rubber bladders.

When it comes to the punching feel, Pro Impact speed bag doesn’t deliver as great and rapid rebounds as the Title speed bag. Because of this, we feel that this bag is better suited for beginners or casual boxers.

Pro Impact offers 3 size options: X-small – 5”x7”, small – 6”x9”, medium – 7”x10”. Before choosing a size, keep in mind that this bag may be smaller than indicated in the size chart. Several buyers of this bag complained about this.


  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight latex bladder.


  • Some issues with sizing.


Everlast Speed BagEverlast Speed Bag

If you are a big fighter and are looking for a big speed bag, then Everlast speed bag may interest you quite a bit.

In terms of build quality, this speed bag is very similar to the Title Gyro-Balanced speed bag that we examined in the beginning. This one is also made from genuine leather and is reinforced with heavy-duty seams for long-lasting durability.

Its bladder is also made from rubber, which, as you already know, is more durable but heavier than latex bladders.

The size of this Everlast bag is 10”x7”, which corresponds to the L size of the Title bag and the Medium size of the Pro Impact speed bag.

When it comes to performance, Everlast speed bag is constructed to deliver balanced rebounds, which again appears to make this bag similar to the Title speed bag.

Now, with all these similarities, how do you choose between this and Title bag, given that they cost about the same?

The thing that catches the eye the most in this bag is its looks. Everlast speed bag really looks much sleeker and cleaner than the Title speed bag.

The design definitely isn’t the most important thing in speed bags, but if you have two very similar bags, you’d probably choose the one that you like.

In our opinion, Everlast speed bag looks better with its smoother leather, elegant lacing, and the small touch of yellow in the design. If this also matters to you, then you may want to go for this bag.


  • Affordable
  • Delivers great rebounds.
  • Neat design.


Cleto Reyes Platform Speed BagCleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag

If you are looking for maximum quality and performance, then Cleto Reyes Platform speed bag will most likely be that best speed bag for you. And this is not because of the material choice, it’s because this thing is made with excellent precision.

In fact, Cleto Reyes is pretty known for their quality handmade boxing equipment. And this speed bag is no exception.

Precisely detailed and shaped, this bag delivers performance and feel which make this bag clearly superior to the cheaper speed bags we examined.

But when you stop and look at its material choice, this bag doesn’t look that different. It is still made from durable genuine leather. Cleto Reyes also added an additional layer of tough nylon lining to this speed bag as well.

The hanging loop of this bag is also worth mentioning: it’s tough and thick, so it should be able to serve you for the years to come.

Cleto Reyes kindly includes a spare bladder with this speed bag. The stock one should serve you pretty long anyway, but it’s really nice from Cleto Reyes to include a spare bladder.

Cleto Reyes also offers 4 size options: X-small, small, medium, and large. In addition, they also offer 3 color options: black, red, and Mexican flag.


  • Excellent rebound.
  • Great quality.


  • Pricey


Tomasar Free Standing Speed Bag

Tomasar is a very remarkable punching speed bag. In fact, its features may be the things that you are actually looking for in a speed bag.

So, the most noteworthy thing in this speed bag is that it is a freestanding speed bag. It comes with its own stand, which allows several good benefits.

First off, this freestanding speed bag doesn’t need you to set up any kind of a hanger. No tools required! Besides, you can put this speed bag anywhere as long as there is enough room for it to swing around without hitting anything.

The base of the Tomasar freestanding bag can be filled with either water or sand for additional stability. It will weigh about 66 pounds when filled with water and about 90 when filled with sand.

The height of this freestanding speed bag can also be adjusted between 56.2 and 60.8 inches, so even growing children will be able to exercise with this speed bag.

To ensure good rebound, the base of the bar is equipped with a tough spring mechanism. In terms of rebound quality, this speed bag is closer to the cheaper bags we reviewed.

The downside of this speed bag is that it occupies a lot of storage space due to its bar and bulky base. This freestanding bag sure is mobile, but you will also need to think about dedicating some storage space to it.


  • Easy to move around.
  • Adjustable bag height.


  • Occupies a lot of room.


RDX Double End Speed Ball BagRDX Double End Speed Bag

Closing off our reviews with another remarkable speed bag! This thing actually belongs to the double-end speed bag type, so it has all of their pros and also cons.

Let’s begin with the advantages.

As a double-end speed bag, RDX’s punching bag is an excellent piece of athletic equipment to train punching speed with. In fact, it is also great for practicing parrying due to its strong rebounding action possible thanks to the two elastic cords.

On the other hand, you’d require to drill holes for the fixtures not only on the ceiling but also on the floor. You’d thereby need to find an appropriate spot for this bag in your gym or home.

RDX includes all the necessary mounting equipment with this bag, which should serve you well at least initially. All the equipment included isn’t that high-quality, so you may want to think about replacing it if you are expecting long service from this thing.

The included rubber cords will probably satisfy beginners, but more advanced fighters should replace them with bungee cords to get better rebound and longevity.

The speed bag itself is made quite nicely. Its outer shell is made from genuine leather, while the bladder is made from durable rubber.

Overall, you could expect very good durability from RDX speed bag.


  • Comes with all the mounting accessories.
  • Great for speed training.


  • Cheap rubber cords.
  • Requires drilling holes in both the floor and ceiling.


How to Choose the Best Speed Bag?

What is a speed bag?

A speed bag is a light and small kind of punching bag that is designed to swing around from every punch. This may sound very annoying for some people, but that’s actually what they are supposed to do.

Regular heavy punching bags are used for the training of raw punching and kicking power. Since they are heavy, they don’t swing that much and allow you to focus on delivering powerful punches.

Speed bags, on the other hand, are designed to help you train your accuracy, speed, and coordination.

What is more difficult to hit, a slow and large heavy bag or a quick and small speed bag?

Obviously, the latter is more difficult to hit, so you’d really need to focus on doing accurate punches to hit the target and not waste any energy. Training with a speed bag, you, first of all, increase your punching accuracy.

Speed is also a necessary ability with speed bags. Due to their lightness, speed bags bounce around, requiring you to not only land your shots but also make sure that the bag doesn’t hit you back.

You’ll have to either parry the bag or move out of its way. And the harder and quicker you hit the bag, the quicker it will come back, so you’ll really need to develop your speed to become better at this.

Lastly, coordination.

The small and quick speed bags leave you little to no time to think about your actions. You’ll need to develop good rhythm and coordination to connect your punches and parry the bag with perfect timing.

So what, does a speed bag sound like what you need? Then read on!

Things to look for in speed bags


Speed bags are usually made from either genuine or synthetic leather. Both have their pros and cons.

Genuine leather is superior when it comes to durability. However, genuine leather speed bags are also more expensive.

And besides, they aren’t as moisture-resistant as synthetic leather bags.

Synthetic leather bags are the direct opposite of genuine leather bags: they are cheaper, less durable, but they resist moisture well.

All in all, fighters who’ll be training on their speed bags a lot should probably go for a genuine leather bag. It would live for the years to come, making them well worth their price.

Aside from that, gyms should go for genuine leather bags as well.

But if you will be training on a speed bag not that frequently, then you might go for a synthetic leather bag.


The bladder is the inflated ball inside the bag. It gives shape to the bag and impacts its feel and bounce.

Bladders of speed bags are usually made from either rubber or latex. Rubber is the heavier and the more durable material, whereas latex is lighter and not as heavy-duty.

Besides, latex bladders tend to lose air quicker.

Generally, you would want to for a bag with a rubber bladder since it is more durable. However, if you need a very light speed bag, then you may want to go for one with a latex bladder.


Size is very, very important in speed bags. And it isn’t a very easy thing to choose since it is rather subjective.

You may even need to go through plenty of trial and error to find the right size for you.

The smaller the bag, the quicker it moves and the harder it is to hit, and vice versa. Aside from that, small bags are lighter, so shorter fighters would need to go for smaller speed bags.

If you are a beginner, then you should probably go for a larger and heavier speed bag. You most likely just won’t have the speed and precision to evade and hit a light and quick bag, so you better begin with something easier to punch.

On the other hand, if you are a skilled fighter and want to bring your speed and precision to new heights, then you’d need to go for a quicker speed bag.


How the speed bag is mounted is quite important as well. On the reviews, we pretty much saw every kind of speed bag mounting that you are going to come across.

While the mounting may not impact the performance and feel of the bag, it is important when it comes to convenience. Let’s begin with the traditional ceiling mounting.

Obviously, to install a ceiling speed bag, you would need to drill some holes in the ceiling to install the hanging fixtures that hold the bag. This limits the mobility of the bag a lot since you’d need to make new holes to move it somewhere else.

Freestanding speed bags are superior when it comes to mobility. They require no hole drilling to be mounted, so you could use them anywhere as long as there is enough free space for them.

On the other hand, freestanding speed bags occupy a lot of room, so you’d need to find where to put and store one.

Finally, double-end speed bags.

These require the most hassle with installation because you need to install the fixtures not only on the ceiling but also the floor. So when it comes to setup, they are the least convenient.


Can you do kicks with speed bags?

If you have the flexibility, then you could absolutely train your kicks as well. The thing is that speed bags are usually installed high above the ground, and you’d need to be very flexible to reach them with a kick.

How do you inflate these bags?

You’d need a needle for football or basketball balls, as well as an air pump.

At what air pressure do you inflate speed bags?

People mostly go by their feel. You need to inflate it just enough so it neither feels underinflated nor hard on your fists.

If the manufacturer of the bag recommends some specific pressure, then you should follow their guides.


Now that you know everything you should know about speed punching bags, finding the best speed bag should be a piece of cake. We did our part, and it is up to you to decide which one you choose.

If you liked one of the speed bags we reviewed, then you should probably go and get it!

Don’t rush with your decision though. Factor in your budget, skill level, and your requirements so you get the best speed bag!


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