Top 5 Best Punching Bags for Beginners [Buying Guide]

Punching bags are good sources of practicing skills and overall body workout. Home-based punching kits are becoming popular both with professionals and armatures alike.

Punching bags come in many shapes and sizes, keeping in mind the beginners and the pros. Likewise, the material and the filling inside is also essential considering quality bags for a longer period. The most common one is a heavy-duty hanging bag, mostly filled with fake leather or foam.

Now talking about bags for beginners, freestanding punching bags are ideal for starters with less or no experience.

We have sifted through hundreds of products and finally choose the 5 best punching bags for beginners.


Best Punching Bags for Beginners Reviewed

Everlast Powercore Bag (EA)

The good thing about this freestanding bag is that it requires less space and easy to install. You don’t need to drill holes in the wall as we do for hanging bags. That’s why it is one of the popular options for beginners in boxing or mixed martial artists.

If you fill the base with sand, it weighs around 370 lbs. & when filled with water, the weight is approximately 250 pounds. The height of this freestanding bag lies in the bracket of 55-65 inches. One other beautiful feature of this bag is that its height is adjustable.

Talking about the price, with all these properties and usefulness, it costs less than other brands. This makes it more appealing to those who want to start a home-based training camp but are low on budget.

Now when it comes to stability and shock absorption, this power core bag by Everlast has a sturdy base. It is quite annoying when your punching bag falls off or flip during intense training. Fortunately, it is not the case with these bags. To solve this problem, the producer came up with a large and huge base. On top of that, you fill the base with either water or sand. The power transfer rings in these bags provide better recoil and prevent it from slipping or sliding.

For high shock absorption, one should not overlook the quality of the padding around the bag. In the case of Everlast Powercore bags, the padding is of high-quality foam material to avoid any injuries in the time of hard-hitting. The setup process and assembly is fairly easy.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Require less space and little time to setup.
  • Adjustable height.
  • The base is solid and heavy with filling options.


  • Not built for powerful punchers and professionals


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Century Original Wavemaster Combo pack

In the world of MMA and boxing, Century preserves the reputation of trust and quality. This combo pack by Century not only contains a freestanding bag but also a pair of open-palm gloves. You will immediately start sweating your palms with these gloves.

The punching bag is freestanding, meaning you will have more freedom to circle it. This freedom of movement allows the newbies to practice with great accuracy and power.

The company is run by expert MMA fighters, and they know what a fighter or boxer will need in a punching bag. The material of the bag is thick foam, which is durable and shock-absorbent. Outer layers are of thick leather, with a stable base. You can either fell the base with water or with sand. With sand, the base remains more steady and balanced, while with water, it slightly moves around.

At the beginning of your practice, you should prefer sand as it makes the freestanding punching bag more sturdy and intact.

The upper portion of the bag weighs 50 lbs. The height is adjustable and can be moved from 47 inches to 68 inches. The setup process is easy and simple. You can adjust this punching bag in a small corner of your home or training area. It takes less space and requires less effort to move it around.


  • It has the largest punching surface than other products.
  • Flexible height adjustment.
  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with a pair of gloves.
  • Premium quality material in the outer shell and overall.


  • The base of the bag often causes complications with filling.


Ringside PowerHide Heavy Bags

For combat sports lovers, the Ringside Powerhide heavy bag is a name of quality and trust. This soft, punching bag prevents hand and leg injuries. Whether you have just started your practice or you’re pro, Ringside punching bags offer a lot in terms of durability and cutting edge engineering.

The D-ring at the bottom provides extra stability and balance, which is essential for regular and steady hitting practice.

When it comes to filling, this bag is different. It has a 2-inches foam liner wall for better force absorption and durability. The original filling material is shredded fabric, which makes it soft, best for hitting hard, and avoiding injuries. The outer layer is made of premium quality synthetic leather.

Convenient zipper hidden under the material is best for better closure. You can open it from inside and add or remove textile fabric as per your requirement.

The filled bag weighs 65-70 lbs. The range of weight is advantageous both for beginners and battle-harden MMA veterans.


  • Unique and classical design.
  • Quality material on the outside.
  • D-ring for balancing.
  • Easy to setup.
  • Soft and shock-absorbent.


  • No gloves in the pack.


Fairtex Heavy Bag Unfilled Banana

If you are a Muay Thai player or starting to learn this martial art, you should start with this bag. This 6 feet bag is made of premium quality material, just like other Fairtex products. More color variation is available if you find black color boring for your home gym.

The banana-shaped bag is perfect for kickboxing, usual boxing, and hitting practice. It’s much stiffer and durable due to quality synthetic leather material. Don’t fool yourself if you think the material is not good enough. Fairtex bags cost less but deliver high value for money.

The outer core of the bag is not skinny because, with skinny bags, you can’t practice knee’s hitting. It loses space with time and become less stiff and sturdy with time. You can practice body kick and head kick as well.

Since these bags are unfilled, make sure you fill it perfectly. If you like more swings from the bags, you need you to hang it with a longer chain. It helps you to strike double and triple shots.


  • 6 feet height, suitable for any type of player.
  • Quality synthetic material.
  • Great option for Muay Thai enthusiasts.
  • Thought outer layer for stiffness.


  • The bag swing due to short size.


Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand

This single-station and heavy bag kit from Everlast is a complete set of all necessary accessories anyone needs for a home-based fitness center. Fully operational, this kit contains a heavy bag of 70 pounds.

Material quality is outstanding and robust, making it last longer than usual. The single station stand possesses three weight plate pegs, making it more stable on the ground. It is also suitable for heavy-hitting practice.

Premium quality steel tubing endure more pressure during hard rounds of exercise. Bags weight can be extended to 100 lbs, in case of rough professional training.

Always start with 70-pound weight and make your way up to 100 pounds. The kits include a pair of best quality Everlast boxing gloves, perfect for starting your MMA journey immediately. Hand wraps of a quality fabric are also included in the package.

To practice angle shots, the hanging chain and bracket are there to prevent the stand from flipping over. With this kit, you can take your fitness level to the next level without any assistant from others. Make sure the sure in the separate place, and use a carrying bag for your gloves and other personal accessories.


  • The quality material of steel and fabric.
  • The stand can bear weight up to 100 pounds.
  • Balanced chain assembly for stable hanging.
  • Kit includes gloves and wraps.


  • Gloves may not last long.
  • The stand needs additional support.


How to choose a punching bag if you are a beginner?

A punching bag is a vital piece of equipment for aspiring boxers and combat sports lovers. Even if you are just buying these bags to bring yourself in shape, the right types and quality of the bags are important. With so many types of punching bags, weights and shapes, material, and brands, buying a perfect bag for a beginner can be a hard task.

We are here to break it down for you, so your hard-earned bucks don’t go to waste.

Types of punching bags

Depending on the sport you want to pursue, there are many bags with a different shape designed for different combat sports. With different objectives in mind, you should choose the one which is best suited for your objectives and style.

Muay Thai practice requires a different bag than boxing. There are a few popular types, and we are going to mention it with little details so that you can pick the right one for your own goals.

Heavy bags:  These cylindrical shape heavy bags for improving your overall kicking and boxing abilities. They are typically suspended from the ceiling. Shapes and sizes might varies, but the impact of these punching bags is huge.

Banana bags: Also called Muay Thai bags, these are exclusively used by Muay Thai players.

Round Heavy bags: These are heavy bags with round shapes.

Now let’s talk about another major class of punching bags

Freestanding punching bags: As the name implies, these bags don’t require any fixed support.

Some popular freestanding bags are:

Speed bags: These bags are supposed to improve speed and time. You can hang it from the door or any other simple mount for practice.

Double-end bags: For better counter punch, boxers often practice with these bags. These bags have 2 ends, as the name suggests.

Wall bag: These bags are widely used for training endurance.

Uppercut bag: You can use them mainly for practicing uppercut.

Grappling dummy: Normally, these bags are used by wrestlers and grapplers.


There are two parts to it. One is the material of the outer layers of the bags, and the other is filling material. High-quality, durable bags have an outer layer of leather.

The original leather bags are expensive, and they last longer. In contrast, the synthetic leather bags are less expensive due to the quality of the material.

Another form of material is canvas. If you are low on budget, then punching bags made out of canvas material is a viable option for you. In the last tier, there is a plastic material which cheap, and in some cases, plastic bags work fine.

Now let’s discuss the inside of the bags. There are four possible options you can use. Sand, air, water, and textile. The most common fabric is textiles. It is because it saves you from injuries. But if you want to take your sport to the next level, then you can go for sand and water as well. For beginners and newbie amateurs, textile fabric filling is the best option.

Weight and Size:

The size of the bag relates to age and experience of the player or practitioner. This formula works most of the time. If you are lightweight and in the lower age bracket, then you should go for smaller bags. So if you are a skinny guy with less muscle mass, go for 65-70 pounders. Similarly, the size of the bag also matters when you are at a certain stage of your carrier.

Here’s a general rule of thumb for sizing your bag; it should be approx. half your weight. For instance, if you weigh 150 pounds, you must choose a 75-lbs. punching bag.


Is it worth buying a punching bag?

Our body needs a constant workout, and you can do exactly through your home-based punching bag. It relieves stress and provides you an extra shot of adrenalin and serotonin. A punching bag is not only good for hitting practice but also for getting in proper shape. Through punching bag practice, you can burn your fat and reduce your belly.  With little investment in a punching bag, you can provide yourself with a gym-like environment with extra energy and focus. That’s why it is worth buying a punching bag.

How to choose a punching bag if you are a beginner?

In the case of a punching bag, the rule is to divide your body weight by 2. The number you get is the weight of the bag you should have for your training. So if your 200 pounds, a punching bag of 100 lbs. It will be OK for you. 4-5 feet of height is usually good for beginners.

What bag weight should I choose as per my body?

The important thing while buying the right punching bag is the size and weight. Make sure to buy a bag with half the weight of your body. Usually, the size of 4-6 feet is considered normal.

Do hitting punching bags build muscles?

Practicing punching bags is a great exercise for enhancing power and building strength. Your punching bag workout will help you to build as many muscles as possible.


Buying a perfect punching bag for newcomers is a hard task. Now with so many brands and shape out there in the market, you need to research a bit. Punching bags are a good source of inspiration for beginners.

You will not only learn proper combat skills but will increase your body fitness level.

Pure leather bags are considered best. When it comes to shaping, heavy bags with a round shape are more popular than ever. You can start your fitness journey by buying a good quality punching bag.


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