Top 7 Best Muay Thai Punching Bags [Reviewed]

Heavy punching is one of the important training tools for combat sports training. If you are a boxing fan, MMA fanatic or Muay Thai enthusiast, Muay Thai heavy bag is the must-have equipment you need.

Muay Thai is known as the” art of eight limbs,” you can practice a variety of heavy exercise with it. Though these heavy bags are still considered underrated, due to lack of popularity.

Finding the best heavy bag that will suit your requirement is difficult these days. The market is overflowing with products related to martial arts. We are going to list the best heavy bags for you with detailed reviews and a buyer’s guide.


Best Muay Thai Punching Bags Reviewed

Combat Sports Heavy Bag

If you are looking for something a bit lighter than traditional Muay Thai punching bags, this is it. Combat Sport 100-pounds heavy bags are lighter, yet strong and durable.

Made out of high-quality synthetic leather material, you can fill it with extra weight if you want.

The outer layer is tough enough to withstand a constant barrage from the fighter. It comes with a hanging chain so that you don’t have to buy it separately.

The bags are measuring 12 by 72 inches, perfect for many Muay Thai practitioners. The design is compact and straightforward. One problem with many of the heavy punching bags is that it becomes loose and shaky with time.

In the case of Combat-Sport 100-pounds heavy bag, the outermost part remains intact. That’s why it is so popular among the fighters community.

The filling material is fabric because it is more comfortable for beginners. You can use sand, but that is what most trainers recommend. Sand will creep down to the bottom of the bag and will create an imbalance.

The bag will not swing properly, and the chances are that you might injure your hands or legs. For the best all-around experience, this 100-pounds punching bag is the most favorable option.


  • Free and simple mounting options.
  • 100lbs weight bracket.
  • Durable outer layer.
  • Comfortable filling material.
  • Suitable for other martial art based training too.


  • Swings more than usual
  • The filling gets to settle in the bottom after long use.


Ringside Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Do you need a quality Muay Thai Punching bag without breaking the bank?

Ringside 100-Pound Muay Thai banana bag is a perfect combination of premium quality and low cost. This 13 x 72 length bag is not only good for professionals but is quite popular among beginners and amateurs as well.

Ringside has an impeccable brand reputation, and you can see why. Made out of standard synthetic material, the outer coat of the bag mimics original leather.

The company uses power-hide technology in the construction of the bags so that it can withstand a long assault from the players.

The length is perfect for practicing an all-around exercise combo. You can target your knees, fist, legs, and ties and improve your overall combat training experience.

The design is simple and straightforward. The shape is ideal for hitting it from all four sides. Swinging properties are in balance, as the weight is neither high nor low. Since these are hanging bags, the chain comes with it free of cost. The weight of 100-pound is ideal both for skilled fighters and amateurs.


  • Comes pre-filled.
  • Balance weight and size.
  • Power-hide technology for resilience and durability.
  • Perfect banana shape.
  • Chain and swivel are free.


  • Sometimes it is noisy due to the size.
  • Requires hard enough ceiling for hanging


Outslayer Filled Punching Bag

If you have decided on choosing your next Muay Thai punching bag, go for Outslayer. It is one of the best Muay Thai punching bags out there. With a perfect banana shape and classic design, you can bring your martial art skills to another level. The design is quite orthodox, and the construction is simple.

Vinyl cover is reusable and remains extremely tough. Besides the Vinyl cover, the filling material is soft like fabric. It reduces the risk of any injuries to the fighter. The filling fabrics remain intact and don’t go deep to the bottom. That is why this bag has a perfect balance. On top of the bag, there is a zipper. You can use this zipper to change filling material or other sorts of restructuring.

With 55 inches of height, the package contains strips of 6″ for hanging. Some people don’t like the noise of the chain so that it won’t be a problem anymore. The bag is made of United States Vinyl material, which makes it durable and solid. Furthermore, it comes with a 10-years long warranty.


  • Stable filling material.
  • No hard spots are formed.
  • Straps for a quiet environment.
  • 6 ft length is suitable for all types of martial art training.
  • Outer zip for refilling and re-setting.


  • No unfilled option is available.


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Everlast Muay Thai Bag, 100 lb

If there is one name, you will hear Everlast from everyone in the MMA community. Everlast has a deep product line when it comes to boxing, karate, and MMA.

This Everlast Muay Thai punching bag is an outstanding piece of equipment to work on elbows, knees, fist, and all forms of striking. You can use it for versatile fighting sport discipline from boxing to MMA.

When it comes to the material of this bag, it has top of the line heavy-duty synthetic leather. It is further paired with reinforced webbing withstand the assault for a longer period. A genius design change enables a larger striking area than the competition. This allows better shock-absorption and supports multiple strikes and angles at the same time.

The bag comes pre-filled, and you can refill it with quality fabric if you want. The weight of this equipment is 100-pound, which is pretty standard for any boxing and MMA enthusiasts. Everlast is also offering a 120-days money back return warranty.

If you like your banana bag with a stand, then you need to arrange it separately. Other than that, it comes with a wall-supported chain assembly for convenient setup.


  • Solid built-in quality.
  • Standard weight and dimensions.
  • Pre-filling is available.
  • 12-day money-back warranty.
  • Best for all MMA sports.
  • Good value for money.


  • Cracks might appear on the outer core.


Fairtex Muay Punching Bag

Fairtex Muay Thai BoxingThis banana bag from Fairtex is another example of the quality and design a great brand can offer. The design is most sought after due to all-body workout and full contact.

The material used for this bag is Syntek leather. The leather has water-resistant properties with a non-tear nylon lining. Instead of a heavy, noisy chain, this Fairtex Muay Thai punching bag has web straps. These straps are tough enough to withhold countless strikes while hanging from the ceiling.  The shape is a classical banana, which any Muay Thai enthusiast would like to have it in their training facility.

The weight is 95 lbs. and the dimensions are 14 x 14 72 inches. The versatility of this bag makes it more appealing to all types of players in multiple martial art disciplines.

Overall built-in quality will live up to the expectation. The filling material is of quality fabric and a mixture of others to make it more comfortable to work with.


  • More responsive during training.
  • Skinner and lightweight than other heavy bags.
  • Special leather construction makes it stiffer to use.
  • Perfect for all martial arts disciplines.


  • May feel a little lighter than usual.


Contender Fight Thai Bag

Contender Fighter Sports Muay Thai heavy bag is another product that you can rely on. With standard 100 lbs. weight, you can’t say much about the usefulness of this bag for combat sports players and veterans.

The bag is made of military-grade nylon with reinforced vinyl for a strong and tougher experience. The material will withstand a constant assault from trainers without breaking the outer layer.

Furthermore, the outmost part needs regular maintains to add to its longevity. The dense padding will absorb the hitting for much longer than expected. Since it comes pre-filled, you don’t need to put extra effort to fill it with fabric or sand.

The design, in many ways, is simple and effective. Instead of heavy chains, there is nylon webbing to make it quieter to use in home-based gyms. The most common banana shape is what makes it a perfect contender for Muay Thai banana bag.

The weight and size are pretty standard for anyone to use. 13 x 72 dimensions and 100-pound weight are best for all types of exercises. Players from all martial arts regime can use it. Knee hitting, fist and elbows striking can be improved with it.


  • Durable material with water-resistant properties.
  • Standard weight and size.
  • All-round useful
  • Nylon webbing.


  • Doesn’t swing more often.


Fairtex Unfilled Banana Heavy Bag

If you are looking for a killer product to your Muay Thai to the next level, Fairtex is the name. This unfilled banana bag is a testimony to the quality they offer. Since Muay Thai is a brutal sport, the bag is likely to receive millions of strikes. That’s where the durability of this Fairtex banana bag comes in.

It is made of high-quality PU leather. This material can rival original leather can is pretty tough. The design is useful, and the shape is a standard banana classic. The craftsmanship is outstanding with nylon web straps instead of chains.

Since it comes unfilled, you need to fill it with either fabrics or sand, as per your needs. The weight is approximately 42 kg, 93 pounds. The dimension is 45 x 117 cm, which pretty good for pros and amateur alike.


  • Highly durable.
  • Swing a lot in training.
  • Made in Thailand.
  • Web straps instead of chains.
  • Available in many colors and sizes.


  • Slightly expensive than usual.


How To Choose The Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag?

If you are in for a heavy bag, you need to consider a few things. Having good quality heavy punching is essential for your training and throughout your career.

Make sure you complete the checklist we are going to share with you, before deciding on a specific Muay Thai heavy bag.

Focus on shape and design

Banana shape heavy bag is traditional in Muay Thai. First originated in Thailand, boxers and martial artists follow it thought out the globe. Banana shape bag is hard and study. It will enhance your limb’s strength, and you can target every part of the body with practice.

Straps are more silent than chains. If you like it quite, you should go for straps. For chains, you need a solid ceiling. Angle heavy bag, wrecking ball heavy bag, and bowling pin bag a few other types. But the banana is the most popular form, mostly follow by pro and amateur alike.


When all know that the quality of material in these banana bags make the difference, longevity, and overall experience is a function of quality leather material. Original leather bags are long-lasting, but they need care as well.

On the other hand, synthetic leather, vinyl, and plastic bags are also popular. If you want to go for a budget, vinyl and synthetic leather is a good option. Similarly, if you are in for quality, authentic leather is the best option.


Filling material is more important than what you might think. There are a variety of materials you can use, depending on the intensity of your training. Sand is considered tough, which fabric or used clothes means soft hit. You can also use rice husk, corn cabs, wood shaving, and rags.

Weight & Size

Mostly for children and beginners, 70 lbs. seems like a great option. With lighter bags, you can practice punching and kicking without using brute force. It will swing and move faster than heavy bags. In the case of pros and boxers, 100-130 lbs. heavy bags are popular.

6 feet is normal for Muay Thai heavy punching bags, but you can also use 12-footers. The problem with longer bags is that they don’t swing more often. You need to exert extra power to make it work for you.

Brand Name

The brand name is everything when you are buying the best Muay Thai bags. These companies spend decades to earn the reputation they have. And it is for good reason because they deliver their customers the best quality and value. The most popular names in the industry are; Everlast, Fairtex, Ringside, Combat Sport, and many more.


How heavy should a Muay Thai bag be?

When it comes to the weight of heavy bags, 100 pounds is considered pretty standard. Both professionals and beginners can start training with it. If you are a beginner, you might find it a little intimidating at the start, but slowing it will sink in. For advanced trainers and players, 130 lbs. Is a useful option. Because with huge weight, you can train your limbs stronger and stronger.

For Kids and players in a lower age bracket, 70 lbs. will work fine. These bags are easy to train with, and they swing properly with kick and punches.

Does hitting a heavy bag build muscle?

With heavy training, in-home gym, and boxing club, you can add extra muscles in your arms, should, and back. Power punching is an excellent method to develop those muscles.

You can also gain an extra muscle mass, which is good for your all bodybuilding goals. Make sure you maintain a certain level of intensity while training. It will help develop good habits as a combatant.


We have cast our expert eyes on Muay Thai heavy bags available in the market. Almost all of these heavy bags offer something extra and unique in terms of quality and utility.

But our pick of the day is Combat Sport 100-pound Muay Thai heavy bag. It offers standard size and weight along with durable quality material.

This brand can trace its roots back to Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai. The soft outer makes it more comfortable to play with. The filling material is fabric so that no one gets hurt in the training process. Combat Sport heavy bag is overall good value for money.


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