Top 5 Best Double End Bags [Buying Guide]

When it comes to training speed, the good old heavy bag becomes inadequate. Sure, you can throw some speedy punches at it, but that won’t be enough to develop your speed overall: in particular, your speed of blocking and parrying shots.

A double-end striking bag would be the right thing to train your speed with. Thanks to its lightweight, a double-end punching bag would move around from your shots and kicks quickly. You will thus not only need to be accurate enough to punch or kick it in motion but also be quick enough to parry it or just move out of its way.

If this sounds like a thing that you are looking for, then our reviews of the top 5 best double-end bags will probably be useful for you.

Check the table below for a quick view of each bag and read the reviews for full information.

We are going to introduce to you their features, pros, and cons, as well as give you a couple of tips on buying double-end bags.

Well, let’s get started with our reviews!


Best Double End Bags Reviewed

TITLE Classic Double End Bag

Title Classic Double EndIf you are looking for an affordable double-end bag for home use, then a bag like Title Classic Double End Bag may be the right choice for you: this bag is the cheapest bag on our reviews of top 5 best double end bags.

The main reason for the inexpensiveness of this double end bag is its materials. It is made from synthetic leather which is significantly cheaper than natural leather.

The durability and feel of synthetic leather obviously won’t compare with those of natural leather, but it should allow long-term use nonetheless.

Title Classic Double End Bag comes with a heavy-duty rubber bladder. On one hand, rubber bladders are typically heavier than latex ones, which makes the bag slower. On the other, rubber bladders are usually less prone to losing air, though some air leakage will be there anyway.

When it comes to the downsides, we can really pinpoint one. This bag has plastic logos on its sides that you may want to remove since they could hurt your hands.


  • Pretty durable.
  • Affordable


  • Plastic logos on the sides of the bag.


Ringside Leather Bag

Ringside Leather BagRingside Leather Bag is a much more suitable choice for those boxers who need better longevity and quality.

This double-end bag is made from natural leather, which should make this bag much more durable than something like the Title Classic Double End Bag. Aside from that, this bag comes with long, reinforced top & bottom loops.

Ringside also includes 2 rubber cables that may be more than enough for you initially. You might want to replace them with something better though since they appear not to be as speedy as bungee type cables.

Ringside Leather Bag has a latex bladder. This type of bladders is usually lighter than rubber bladders but tends to release more air during training sessions, so you may need to inflate it more frequently.


  • Reinforced leather construction.
  • Durable


  • The latex bladder needs to be reinflated frequently.


TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End bag

Title Mexican StyleTitle Mexican Style bag is a whole another kind of a double-end bag. Its double-ball design allows for more punch options because they more or less simulate the body shape of an opponent rather than only the head.

Overall, if you are looking for a good double-end bag to practice head and body punches on, then this bag may be the right pick. Keep in mind that this thing is pretty pricey though!

The price of the Title Mexican style double-end bag, however, is no surprise. First of all, this bag is made from genuine leather, meaning that you could expect good longevity from it.

Secondly, Title includes pretty much every accessory that you need for the setup of this bag. It comes with a rubber bungee cable, a reinforced nylon rope, as well as floor and ceiling attachments to install the bag with.

However, since manufacturers don’t typically include quality accessories with their bags, it would probably be better for you to be prepared to buy all the gear yourself.


  • Great for working on head/body punches.
  • Includes floor & ceiling attachments.


  • Pricey


RDX Double End Speed Ball

Ringside Speed BagRDX double-end bag, while named Speed Ball, isn’t exactly a ball-shaped boxing bag. It has a more elongated shape, which could provide you with a bigger hitting surface for punches like hooks.

On the other hand, it may be not as good for uppercuts as regular double-end ball bags.

In terms of materials, this bag seems to be pretty durable as it is made from natural leather. Aside from that, it comes with a heavy-duty nylon strap, as well as a rubber bungee cord.

The rubber bungee cord is pretty remarkable: it is adjustable in length for up to 48 inches, which would allow you to level the bag in accordance with your height and reach. RDX also includes four metal mounting rings along with fixing equipment.

It appears that RDX doesn’t offer replacement bladders for this boxing bag. And because of the unique shape of the bag, you probably won’t be able to fit a bladder from other boxing bags into it, so finding a replacement bladder may be a problem.


  • Fairly durable.
  • Includes an adjustable rubber bungee cord.


  • No replacement bladders available.

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Cleto Reyes Double End Bag

Cleto Reyes Double End BagIf you want maximum quality and durability, then Cleto Reyes Double End Bag would most likely be the best choice for you.

This bag appears to be made from top-quality leather with tough nylon lining, so you could probably expect it to work for the years to come. Cleto Reyes also includes an extra bladder with this double-end bag, so you won’t have to look for one separately.

It should be mentioned that this bag was specifically designed for jabs and hook punches. If you happen to look for a bag to practice those strikes, then you could look no further.

Unfortunately, Cleto Reyes doesn’t include any mounting accessories with their double-end bag. You would need to buy everything from cables to mounting attachments separately, so be prepared to spend even more money on this thing.


  • Durable leather build.
  • Extra bladder included.


  • Expensive


Tips on Choosing Double End Heavy Bag

Sure, we have the top 5 best double end bags, but how exactly do you choose the best one for your needs?

You probably noticed that the bags we reviewed differ from each other quite a bit. To be able to distinguish between their features and eventually make the right choice, you need to know what you should be looking for in double-end bags.

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Types of Double-End Bags

There are two main types of double-end bags: traditional and Mexican-style.

A traditional double-end bag is comprised of a single ball attached to the ceiling and floor with flexible cords. These double-end bags are lighter and are thereby more suitable for speed workouts.

A Mexican-style double-end bag is also attached to the floor and ceiling with flexible cords, but it looks like the number 8 rather than just a ball. This allows boxers to practice more punch types. On the other hand, these bags aren’t very appropriate for speed training since they are heavier.

Among the reviewed bags, only TITLE Mexican Style 2-n-1 Double End Bag is a Mexican-style boxing bag. It would be useful for practicing more punch variations, while the other 4 bags would be better for speed.


Double-end bags are typically made from either natural or synthetic leather. Natural leather is much more durable but also more expensive. However, natural leather may be less resistant to moisture than synthetic bags.

For home use, a cheaper synthetic leather bag would probably be the best choice. However, if your budget allows it, you could go for a very expensive bag even if you aren’t an advanced boxer.

On the other hand, for gyms, you would have no other choice than to go for a natural leather bag. You need that extra quality and durability at the gym.


The bladder is a no less important component of a double-end boxing bag. A bladder is basically an inflated ball inside the leather shell that gives the bag its shape and also strongly impacts its performance.

There are two main types of bladders: rubber and latex. Rubber bladders tend to be more durable but slower and heavier than latex bladders. Latex bladders are lighter, but they also tend to lose air quicker.

Needless to say, for speed work, a bag with a latex bladder would be more suitable. However, many manufacturers offer different kinds of bladders for their boxing bags, so you may just buy a bag and replace the bladder if necessary.

Unfortunately, not all manufacturers indicate what kind of bladders their bags come with, so you may need to do some additional digging to find that out.


Double-end boxing bags come in varying sizes. The size is important since it impacts how quick the bag will be and how easy it will be to hit.

The general rule is that the smaller the bag, the quicker it moves and the more difficult it is to hit. Needless to say, a smaller double-end bag would develop speed and accuracy better.

If you are a beginner, you should probably choose a bigger double-end boxing bag. Evading and hitting a fast and small boxing bag requires skill, which you may not have developed yet.

But if you are specifically looking for a boxing bag to develop your speed and accuracy with, then a smaller boxing bag would probably be the best option.

How do you Choose the Most Suitable Double End Bag?

To make the right choice, you will need to understand what you want to do with the double-end boxing bag.

Will you be working on your speed and accuracy? Or do you want to practice particular shots? Answering questions like these will help you get an idea of what kind of a double-end bag you need to buy.

Don’t also forget to take your budget into account. On one hand, if you know the right price range, you will have fewer boxing bags to look through. On the other, you can’t buy what you can’t afford, right?


How do you install these bags?

The first option would be to install a double-ended bag on a bag stand that has a mount for punching bags. Alternatively, you could simply hang the cables of the bag to the ceiling and to the floor, but this would require you to do some drilling. And yeah, you need to make sure that the ceiling will withstand the bag and your punches.

Can a double-end punching bag be used for kicking?

Double-end bags aren’t designed for kicking specifically. Besides, they stand quite high above the ground, so you won’t reach it with your legs unless you are flexible. You could technically do that, however.

What kind of boxing training are double-ended bags suitable for?

Due to their lightness and quick moving speed, double-ended bags are typically used for training speed and accuracy. Aside from that, they could be used for the improvement of the punch technique.

Would a double-end bag be suitable for training power punches?

If you want to improve the power of your punches specifically, then no, a double-end bag would probably be not suitable for you. However, a double-end bag could be appropriate if you want to improve the incorporation of power punches into your fast combinations.

Could a beginner train on a double-end bag?

Yes, but beginners should probably train on slower and bigger bags since their accuracy and speed probably won’t be enough for quick and small bags.


There you have our reviews of the top 5 best double-end bags! If you by chance found the one that would suit your needs best, then why not go and get it?

And if not, just continue to look for the one. Don’t forget to keep our guidelines in mind, and you should find the right double-end bag in no time!


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