Top 6 Best Boxing Shoes [Reviews]

For top performance in boxing, you need to wear the best boxing shoes that you can find.

Your sneakers or casual shoes won’t suffice for training. They won’t provide you with the comfort or the quality you need for boxing.

And they would, most importantly, just limit your performance!

If you realize this and are looking for the best shoes for boxing training, then the 6 models we are going to showcase will certainly interest you!

Aside from breaking the shoes down to their pros and cons, we have also prepared a small buying guide to help you with finding the right boxing shoes.

Let’s begin!


Best Boxing Shoes Reviewed

Adidas KO Legend 16.2 Men’s Boxing Bootsadidas KO Legend 16.2

If you were looking for a boxing shoe that would deliver a good balance of comfort and support, then Adidas KO Legend may be the right pick for you.

The good support of these shoes is ensured by their high-top design, first of all. Those boxers who often sprain their ankles or think that they don’t have enough ankle support would love this.

The sole is another part of these shoes that makes them highly supportive. They are thin and made from rubber, which allows you to feel the ground and grip it firmly.

Remarkably, the soles also have pivot circles that are designed to facilitate pivoting without compromising the shoes’ grip.

Adidas ensured comfort in these shoes by making them from one-piece synthetic upper that delivers a glove-like fit. The fact that the shoes are constructed light and non-bulky makes them highly comfortable as well.

Aside from good comfort and support, these shoes also have some eye-catching design to offer!

What you may dislike in these shoes is the pivot circles on the soles. While they are designed to facilitate pivoting, some boxers may find them to be distracting.

So if you like flatter and completely uniform soles, then you may dislike these shoes.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that the tops of the KO Legend shoes have little to no padding. This could be easily compensated for with thicker socks though.


  • Good balance of comfort and support.
  • Great look.


  • Have little to no padding in the top.


Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing ShoeReebok Men's Boot Boxing Shoe

If you happen to be looking for maximum ankle support, then Reebok Men’s Boot Boxing Shoe may be the right pick for you. Reebok named this model “Boot” very appropriately since it really looks like a boot due to its high-top build.

And that’s exactly what makes these shoes so supportive!

Reebok Boot shoes have tops that are noticeably higher than those of the Adidas shoes we’ve just reviewed. This allows for superior ankle support that will be appreciated by boxers who like to feel strong in their ankles.

If you disliked the soles of Adidas KO Legend shoes, then you may like the soles of the Boot boxing shoes. Made from rubber, they are flat and uniform, offering great grip with no distractions.

Aside from that, the sole is pretty thin, allowing you to feel the ground well.

All in all, these boxing shoes sure are great, but they have a couple of downsides nonetheless.

First off, they are pretty narrow, so boxers with wide feet may find it problematic to pick the right size.

Secondly, these shoes are bulky and a bit restrictive due to their high-top design. Thereby, they definitely aren’t for boxers who need maximum mobility.


  • Excellent ankle support.
  • Flat and uniform rubber sole.


  • Not very suitable for boxers with wide feet.
  • Bulky


Otomix Stingray Escape Boxing ShoeOtomix Stingray Escape

Otomix Stingray Escape shoes haven’t been made for boxing specifically. Rather, they have been designed for grappling sports. However, these shoes are still excellent for boxing!

In terms of support, these shoes are closer to the Adidas shoes rather than to the Reebok boxing shoes. Stingray Escape boxing shoes are still high-top, but they aren’t as tall as the Reebok shoes.

The back of the tops is also slightly cut off to allow a bit more mobility in the ankles while not compromising support. You could thus say that these boxing shoes are really balanced.

The soles of the Stingray Escape boxing shoes are also remarkable. They are made from rubber and have a rough texture that imparts strong grip to these shoes. At the same time, the soles aren’t too grippy, allowing free pivoting.

The soles may require some getting used to though because they have different textures on the ends and the middle. This could throw off your balance if you are more used to the more standard flat soles.

And besides, some users complained that the soles of these shoes peel off in the initial weeks, but gluing them back in place solves the problem, fortunately.


  • Good ankle support and comfort.
  • Very grippy sole.


  • The rubber sole likes to peel off.


ASICS Aggressor 4 Men’s Wrestling ShoesASICS Aggressor 4

Aggressor 4 shoes are remarkable for the excellent grip they deliver. And although these shoes are wrestling shoes, they can be used for boxing perfectly well since they share the important features with regular boxing shoes.

So, as we already mentioned, the grip of the Aggressor 4 shoes is their main advantage. Designed to provide grip at a variety of angles while wrestling, the rubber sole slightly extends up to the sides of the shoes.

This is a thing that boxers don’t really need while fighting, but you surely won’t have any lack of sole surface while boxing.

Wrestling is made around foot stability, and that’s why the rubber soles of the Aggressor 4 shoes are designed to deliver plenty of it. In fact, the level of grip that these shoes deliver is pretty much overkill for boxing.

And that’s perfect for those who value grip in boxing shoes more than anything else!

Aside from excellent grip, the Aggressor 4 shoes also have great comfort and ankle support to offer. These shoes have lower tops than all the other shoes that we reviewed. And this means that these shoes aren’t that much restrictive on the ankles.

The ankle area of these shoes is also padded to make sure that your ankles don’t get bruised during active movement.

Aggressor 4 shoes tend to come stiff, so you’ll need to do some good break-in with them. The break-in may take some time, but it will be definitely worth it in the end.


  • Offers great grip with the ground.
  • Allows good ankle mobility.


  • A bit tight out of the box.



Rival RSX Boxing Boots deliver the highest level of ankle support among the reviewed boxing shoes.

The tops of these shoes are really tall. Reebok Men’s Boot boxing shoes seemed tall before. No longer once you have a look at these shoes.

Now, if you have been looking for boxing shoes with maximum ankle support, then these Rival boxing boots will most likely be the best boxing shoes for you.

The tall tops of the RSX shoes literally engulf your ankles to provide support that is second to none on the reviews. Whether you sprain your ankles often or just need some extra support in the feet, you’ll most likely like what these boxing shoes can do.

However, the high-top design isn’t the only thing that makes these boxing shoes supportive. The sole also plays a huge part. Thanks to its thinness, it allows you to feel the ground pretty well.

Besides, the soles slightly extend to the sides of the boot, so you should have no weak spots when it comes to grip.

The downside of such a supportive design is obvious: these shoes restrict the mobility of the ankles quite a bit. The RSX shoes are heavy and clunky, so quicker boxers wouldn’t like them.


  • Great ankle support.
  • Grippy soles.


  • Heavy and clunky.


Adidas Box Hog 2 Junior Boxing Bootsadidas Box Hog 2

Closing off the reviews with another Adidas model! This time, it is the Box Hog 2 Junior Boxing Boots which – as the word “boot” in their name suggests – offers a great level of ankle support.

Now, these shoes aren’t as tall as the Rival boots we’ve just examined, but they still deliver excellent ankle support. This isn’t the only thing that the Box Hog 2 boots have to offer though.

The upper construction of these boxing boots is made from a single-layer open mesh that ensures great breathability. If you find that your feet sweat a lot during your meets or training sessions, then you will surely appreciate such a design.

The soles of these boxing boots are also great. Made from gum rubber, they have a standard design with no pivoting circles or other fancy features, so most boxers should like their feel.

What some may dislike though is the slightly raised heel of these boxing shoes. While some people may find this comfier, the raised heel has a drawback: it worsens the feel of the ground in the heel area.


  • Supportive at the ankles.
  • Breathable mesh build.
  • Flat and grippy soles.


  • You may dislike the height of the shoes’ heels.

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Boxing?

Now that we are done with the reviews of the 6 best shoes for boxing, it’s time for you to understand how to pick the shoe that is best for you. To do that, you just need to know what to look for in boxing shoes!

Grip & pivot

The ability of a boxing shoe to grip the ground and at the same time allow easy pivoting is probably the most important thing to look in boxing shoes. Ideally, you want to get a boxing shoe that has just enough grip to ensure stability, while not limiting its pivoting.

The grip and pivoting capacity differ substantially across boxing shoes. There isn’t a right balance for you to choose from: it all comes to personal preference.

Some people really like their shoes to be extremely grippy, even if they pivot worse. Others prefer to have better pivoting rather than grip. Thereby, you also need to find a shoe that perfectly suits your boxing style.

Sole construction

The sole is another crucial thing to look in a boxing shoe. The sole will impact how well you feel the ground, how stable you are, and how well you are able to transfer power to your punches.

Soles actually determine the grip and pivot of the boxing shoe as well.

The soles of your boxing shoes should allow you to place your feet naturally without any angling of the feet inward or outward. You shouldn’t feel that the shoes are forcing your feet into inconvenient positions. Such soles will simply throw you out of your balance.

The next thing to look for in the sole is its thickness.

Generally, the thinner the sole, the better the feel of the ground is. Thinner soles will allow you to feel lighter and quicker, while thicker soles could make you feel more stable and powerful. But they would reduce the feel of the ground.

Again, the right thickness is a matter of personal preference. However, you shouldn’t go for a sole that is too thick: you will most likely feel completely disconnected from the ground.

The texture of the sole is another thing to keep in mind. Some shoes come with flatter textures, while others have bumps and whatnot to increase the grip and make pivoting easier.

If you want to stay connected with the ground, flatter textures with no bumps would probably be the best. However, some boxers like bumpy soles more, so they definitely aren’t useless.

Also be aware that the soles can have heels. Increasing the distance between the heels and the ground, they worsen your connection with the latter.

Besides, if the heel is too high, it may prevent you from sitting down for power punches.


There are 3 height options in boxing shoes: low, medium, and high. Low shoes are as high as your ankles, medium shoes are a few inches higher than that, while high boxing shoes reach the calves.

The higher the shoe, the more ankle support you will be getting. Needless to say, if you want a lot of ankle support, then high-top boxing shoes would be the thing to go for.

Higher boxing shoes obviously limit the mobility in the ankle, so in case you are an agile boxer, then you most likely would appreciate low-top boxing shoes more.

Keep in mind that each height may differ across manufacturers. Low-top shoes from two manufacturers may differ in their height and feel.

You could compare two boxing shoes with each other if the manufacturers provide you with numbers, but they don’t do that very often, unfortunately.


How the shoes feel on your feet is also very important. The fit of boxing shoes is largely determined by the build and the materials used in them.

A thickly built shoe will be heavier, but it may make you feel more powerful and stable on the ground. On the other hand, light and thin shoes will allow you to move quickly. Besides, thinner shoes may allow you to feel the ground better.

The width of the shoes is important to consider if you have wide feet. The opposite is also true: if your feet are very narrow, then you may need to struggle to find the right shoe size for you.


Why use boxing shoes?

Non-boxing shoes typically don’t have the qualities required in boxing. Boxing shoes are more supportive and stable on the ground that other types of specialized and non-specialized shoes.

For example, using basketball shoes in boxing isn’t a good idea since they have thick soles that have a weaker feeling of the ground.

However, you could use shoes designed for sports that have similar requirements for foot support, for example, wrestling shoes.

Can you use boxing shoes for weight training?

As long as they allow you to train with appropriate technique, you can freely use boxing shoes. Your results in some exercises and activities may suffer through with boxing shoes: for example, many people find that it is easier to squat in high-heeled weightlifting shoes.

Besides, you shouldn’t use boxing shoes for running, rope jumping, and other similar activities. The soles of boxing shoes aren’t shock-absorbing, so it will be more difficult for you to take impacts in them.


Let’s face it: picking the best shoes for boxing training isn’t easy.

You really need to know what your preferences are if you want to find the right shoe. If you are experienced, then picking the right pair should be rather easy since you already know what your strong and weak sides are, but what if you are a beginner?

Well, don’t overthink your choice because you still have a lot to learn. You have yet to uncover your preferences, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

You can’t predict which shoes you will actually like since you have no experience! Just go for the highest quality shoes you can afford.

Nonetheless, whether you are a beginner or a skilled boxer, make sure not to spare money on those boxing shoes!


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