Best Boxing Glove Brands

There are many boxing glove brands today and everybody claims to be the best. However, we will review the most popular and proven manufacturers.

Grant Boxing Gloves

Grant was founded in 1995 in New York. However, they are manufacturing their gloves in Mexico.

Grant is probably the best boxing glove brand in the world. If you ever watched boxing then it’s 100% sure you saw Grant’s boxing gloves.

Many big names such as  Floyd Mayweather, Canelo, Gennady Golovkin, Bernard Hopkins, Evander Holyfield, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and more, use exactly these boxing gloves.

Grants first appearance was in a boxing championship fight which is quite unusual – most of the brands start slowly while building a reputation to be used in championship fights.

In fact, there is nothing usual about Grant boxing gloves.

There is a reason why pros love Grants. Every stitch, every piece of leather, every lace is perfectly placed in these handmade boxing gloves.

If you are looking for a glove that combines both padding and punching power – Grants are the perfect choice.

You can’t see Grant boxing gloves in your local fight shop or somewhere online. You have to order them directly from the manufacturer – and they only have a Facebook page and an e-mail!

That is because they aim to make gloves for the pro fighters and they don’t really care for the guy who just trains at the gym 3-4 times a week.  However, if you want to order be prepared to give away at least 400$.

Their Facebook page:


Winning Boxing Gloves

Winnig BrandWinning boxing gloves is probably the only brand that can compete against Grant. Everything is professional, from high-quality materials.

However, they are usually not used in a competition because of the simple fact that they are not “punchers gloves”.

They offer an incredible protection and because of that they lack knockout power and are often referred to as “pillows”.

That’s why these boxing gloves are the no.1 preferable brand for sparring and training – they offer the best protection for you and your sparring partner.

Winning is one of the best boxing glove brands in the world next to Grant and Cleto Reyes. The main difference between the 3 is that Winning’s are the best sparring boxing gloves because they offer great padding and protection.

Cleto Reyes is exactly the opposite of Winning – they are typical Mexican style boxing gloves with hard padding and are definitely a punchers glove. And Grant’s combines them both – more padding and protection than Cleto Reyes but still little enough to have knockout power.

Cleto Reyes

Cleto Reyes BrandCleto Reyes Castro is a former boxer with one amateur fight after which he decided to not fight again.

Instead, he founded the Cleto Reyes brand which is now approved by the biggest boxing organizations in the world.

Cleto Reyes boxing gloves are used in many professional world championship fights.

They are a little bit on the expensive side but you are getting top-quality professional boxing gloves. Cleto Reyes offer many different styles and both lace up and hook & loop options.

The type of gloves they make is a perfect example of Mexican style boxing gloves.  That means they are more fitted to the hand, with a longer cuff and more “compact” padding.

However, this type of gloves need more breaking in, so you should be aware of that.

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Fairtex Gloves

Fairtex BrandFairtex is a muay thai, MMA, boxing and clothing brand founded in 1958 in Bangkok, Thailand.

They are one of the most famous and recognizable brands of fighting equipment, producing high-quality premium products. The main reason they are so popular is because of their unique padding and design. The gloves are light and offer great wrist support.  Depending on the size they can be used for sparring, heavy bag and pad work.

Fairtex also has some models that are more traditional Muay Thai gloves. That means the padding is more evenly distributed and there is more protection to the back of the hand, more flexibility in the grip, and usually a shorter cuff.

They also make shinguards, headgear, heavy bags, shorts, training backpacks and more.

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Top King

Top King BrandTop King is a worldwide recognized brand that offers high-quality fighting equipment such as boxing gloves, headgear, shin guards and more.

If you ever saw a traditional Muay Thai match – then you most probably have seen Top King’s boxing gloves. They are like the Muay Thai equivalent of the Grant’s. However, they are a lot more affordable and are almost underpriced.

Their boxing gloves are made from high-quality cow leather and for the quality, comfort, and design you get, the price is super low!


Venum BrandVenum is one of the best boxing glove brands and is a worldwide known manufacturer of fighting equipment for various sports such as MMA, Karate, BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and more.

The company was founded in 2008 but became popular after sponsoring famous UFC fighters around 2011-2012. Fighters like:

  • Lyoto Machida
  • Carlos Condit
  • Jose Aldo
  • Miesha Tate
  • Mauricio Rua
  • Wanderlei Silva
  • Fabrício Werdum
  • Martin Kampmann
  • Jim Miller
  • Brad Pickett

Venum signature’s style is aggressive, tribal style pattern design. Their most popular boxing gloves are Venum Elite, Venum Challenger, Venum Contender, and Venum Giant 3.0.



Hayabusa BrandAccording to their website, Hayabusa is the Japanese word for Peregrine Falcon, which is the fastest member of the animal kingdom, reaching up to 200mph when hunting.

They are partners with Glory Kickboxing and over the years they have been sponsoring many fighters, most notable George St. Pierre.

They offer different kinds of equipment like headgear, shinguards, BJJ Gi’s, shorts, rashguards, focus mitts, backpacks, MMA gloves, and of course – boxing gloves.

Their most popular boxing gloves are Hayabusa T3, Hayabusa Ikusa, and also Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki, which is just like the regular T3 but with real leather and super luxurious look.



Twins Special BrandTwins or Twins Special is a Muay Thai boxing brand that is one of the best in the world for Muay Thai. Produced in Thailand made from high-quality leather, they are one of the leading Muay Thai brands.

Twins are offering also shinguards, shorts, headgear and many accessories. Their price is still high by the most standards.

However, compared to the competitors’ price and the quality you get the price is quite reasonable.

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