Top 5 Best BJJ and MMA Rashguards [Real Reviews]

Doing MMA or BJJ training in a regular shirt is possible but undesirable. They lack so many necessary features: they are often not breathable, they don’t wick moisture well, and they get stinky quick.

And you also can’t compete in them!

On the other hand, MMA of BJJ rash guards has everything that you’d need for training or competition. And if you happen to look for the best MMA rash guard (or BJJ rash guard), then our reviews of 5 great rash guards will probably interest you.

And to top the reviews off, we prepared a little guide on the things that you should be looking for in rash guards.

Let’s get started!

Best Rash Guards For MMA And BJJ Reviewed

Hayabusa Metaru Rash Guard ShirtHayabusa Metaru

Hayabusa is well-known for their quality MMA and BJJ gear, and this rash guard is no exception. It has been designed to be 100% compliant with the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation’s regulations, so it is a great choice for BJJ.

Hayabusa made their Metaru rash guard highly comfortable. Its breathable design allows good air circulation and thermoregulation, while the antibacterial coating prevents odors.

This shirt is also durable thanks to its Ti-22 Titanium-coated fibers.

A remarkable feature of this rash guard is its inner silicone banding on the waistband that is designed to keep the shirt in place. If shifting is a big problem for you with shirts, then you’ll certainly like this feature.

The silicone may be a bit annoying for you though: it may feel weird, pull on your shorts, etc. But you should be able to get used to it fairly easily nonetheless.

Aside from BJJ, you could use this rash guard for other activities where staying cool is required as well, including MMA, weight training, and others. For competitions, you would need to check with your federation to see if this rash guard is compliant with the regulations.


  • Light, breathable anti-microbial fabric.
  • Silicone waistband prevents shifting.
  • Compliant with IBJJF regulations.


  • The silicone waistband may actually be annoying for you.


Venum Contender 4.0 RashguardVenum Contender 4.0

Venum Contender 4.0 rash guard is very similar to Hayabusa’s model we’ve just reviewed, albeit it hasn’t been designed for any sport specifically. However, it still is a great rash guard for MMA and BJJ.

In this shirt, Venum employed their Compression Technology that offers a second skin effect to allow free movement. Besides, as Venum claims, Compression Technology improves blood circulation and helps accelerate recovery.

To be fair, this sounds a bit ridiculous, but we don’t have the capability of checking this claim.

This rash guard also uses a breathable insulation system that wicks moisture to help you stay dry and focused during your training sessions.

The design of the Contender 4.0 is also nice: it isn’t flashy yet looks very good. Venum also made sublimation printing to the graphics so they stay on and don’t peel off.

Just like the Hayabusa Metaru rash guard, the Contender 4.0 has an inner silicone rubber lining to prevent shifting. Again, this may be annoying for some people at first.


  • Moisture-wicking breathable fabrics.
  • Inner silicone rubber to keep the guard in place.


  • Again, you may dislike the inner silicone rubber.


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Fuji IBJJF Freestyle Long Sleeve Rash GuardFuji IBJJF Rashguard

Fuji long-sleeve rash guard is yet another model that has been approved by IBJJF for competition. In particular, this rash guard is approved for no-gi BJJ meets.

This isn’t the only good thing in this rash guard though. In terms of durability and comfort, Fuji rash guard is on par with the previous rash guards we examined.

This rash guard features a breathable anti-microbial fabric designed to keep you cool and dry during training sessions. Besides, it won’t allow odors to kick in.

And thanks to the reinforced stitching, you could expect the Fuji rash guard to serve you for a long time.

This rash guard doesn’t have silicone rubber lining in it, but it will be just fine for people who don’t have problems with their shirts shifting.

While we based our review on the long-sleeve rash guard, Fuji also offers a short-sleeved version for those who really need to stay cool during training. And besides, this rash guard shirt is available in all belt colors.


  • Anti-microbial fabric.
  • IBJJF approved for no-gi meets.


Sanabul Essentials Training Rash GuardSanabul Essentials Training Rash Guard

And the last rash guard on our reviews is a very inexpensive model by Sanabul. In spite of its cheap price, it still has a couple of things to surprise us with.

To ensure comfort, Sanabul equipped this rash guard with underarm mesh areas for ventilation, as well as coated it in an antimicrobial. This rash guard thus definitely is a comfy model that doesn’t require frequent cleaning.

The stretchable material of this rash guard ensures good compression that improves blood flow throughout muscles, as stated by Sanabul. Overall, this rash guard is well suitable for MMA, BJJ, or casual exercise in the gym.

Interestingly, Sanabul rash guard also offers SPF 50 UV protection to allow wearing while surfing or during other outdoor activity as well.

Lastly, since Sanabul offers colors matching with belt colors, this rash guard is competition-approved by the IBJJF.


  • Anti-microbial coating.
  • Ventilated underarm area.
  • Rated SPF 50.
  • IBJJF-approved.
  • Inexpensive


Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu RashguardGold BJJ Rashguard

If you are looking for a not so expensive rash guard, then Golf BJJ Jiu-Jitsu may be the best BJJ rash guard for you. It most likely isn’t as durable as the other rash guards we reviewed, but it is a great product nonetheless.

First off, it is made from a moisture-wicking and breathable blend to keep you cool and dry during training. To ensure longevity, Gold made this rash guard with flatlock stitching that is smooth and durable.

The graphics on this rashguard are also sublimated onto the shirt to ensure their durability.

An interesting feature of this rash guard is its extended trim that is there to prevent roll-up. It is thereby an alternative to the silicone rubber lining we saw in some other rash guards we examined.

Gold also equipped this rash guard with underarm vents for some additional breathability.

If you decide to go for this rash guard, keep in mind that its size may run smaller on you than expected. This has been an issue for some of the buyers, but Gold, fortunately, offers a return/refund policy for such cases.


  • Attractive price.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Has an extended trim to prevent roll-up.
  • Has underarm vents.


  • The size may be smaller than expected.


How to Choose the Best Rash Guard for Grappling/MMA?

While we’ve reviewed just 5 rash guards, choosing the best one may still be confusing for you. To help you with that, let’s see what things you should look for in rash guards.

The Cut

There are two kinds of sleeve cuts in rash guards – raglan or set-in.

The raglan cut is stitched from the collar diagonally towards the underarm. The set-in cut still goes to the armpit, but it starts from the top of the shoulder.

Raglan sleeves are preferable since they provide extra space under the arm for movement and eliminate friction. All the examined rash guards have a raglan cut.

Sleeve Length

If you need maximum protection, then you’d obviously need to go for a long-sleeve rash guard. If you need to stay cool, then a short-sleeve rash guard would be a better choice.


Most rash guards are tight-fitting, while the rest are not. The choice of one or the other comes to personal preference.

However, if you don’t want your rash guard to emphasize your body, then go for a loose rash guard.

Competition Compliance

If you’ll be competing, then you should check if the rash guard is compliant with the regulations of your sport.

The color is usually the main thing that you should look for. For example, IBJJF requires the apparel color to match the belt.

Aside from that, you should check if there are other regulations in your sport.


Could rash guards be used for scuba diving?

They could be used for that, but you should use them only in warm weather. They won’t be able to keep you warm.

For cool weather, you should pick a wetsuit or a drysuit instead.

Should you pick a size that sits skin-tight on you?

Rash guards are usually designed to sit tight, so yeah, you should choose with that in mind. But the rash guard shouldn’t be so tight on you that it prevents movement or even breathing. And it shouldn’t be so big that it sits loosely since it will most likely be uncomfortable on you.


A lot of things with rash guards comes to personal preference. However, as you could have seen, it is pretty easy to find some objective criteria to choose that best BJJ rash guard with.

The beauty of MMA/BJJ rash guards is that they can actually be used outside of MMA or BJJ. Swimming, working out, surfing – you could wear a rash guard for all such things.

Well, as long as it isn’t cold outside!

In the end, if you’ve found the right rash guard for you, you should probably go and get it!


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