Top 3 Best 200 lbs Heavy Bags (For Heavy Hitters)

When we talk about combat sports like Muay Thai, boxing, MMA, or kickboxing no one size fits all combat sports. As there is no standard size that fits all, the market is overwhelmed with options. Therefore, making an informed decision can take too much time.

Being a heavyweight, you’ll need an adequate heavy bag to meet your needs. In this post, we’ll list down the top 3 best 200 lbs heavy bags for heavyweights.

Best 200lb Heavy Bags Reviewed

Ringside (Unfilled) Leather Heavy Bag

Ringside is, without a doubt, one of the best brands in the boxing world. It produces top-notch boxing gear that features high-end materials. Hence, these heavy bags are designed for a beating. Ringside has used cowhide in the construction of this heavy bag, and it is four feet tall.

The diameter of this heavy bag is 16 inches, which is wider than most bags out there. Therefore, it is a top choice for any heavyweight fighter to train. Ringside will ship this bag unfilled to your doorstep, and it will feature 4 holding points along with a chain and a swivel.

You’ll also find a D-ring right at the bottom of this bag that will keep it stable. With its leather construction, the heavy bag is one of the best options for you to put your money on being a heavyweight athlete. It also comes with a zipper that will help you in closing it once you do it with fabric.

You can use rice and sand to fill it but don’t use water to fill it. A combo of sand and fabric would be a good choice. Fabric will keep the feel real, while sand will add to the bulk to reduce swing. The entire filling process won’t take more than an hour.


  • Cowhide construction.
  • 16-inch wide in diameter.
  • Works well with sand and cloth filling.
  • 4 feet high.
  • D-ring at the bottom for better stability.


  • Ships unfilled.


Ringside (Filled) Leather Heavy Bag

If you are more interested in buying a soft heavy bag, then you should consider this bag. Ringside ships this to your doorstep so you can get to the hitting part straight away after installing the bag.

The diameter of these heavy bags is also 16 inches, and it works well for the heavyweights. The bag is 4 feet long and also features high-quality materials from the company. As we’ve mentioned that it comes filled, Ringside used shredded fabric to stuff the heavy bag. Fabric is a better choice for a more natural and realistic feel.

Due to its soft construction, the heavy bag is a great choice for long practice sessions. The gross weight of this heavy bag is 140 lbs, and it is up to you how much you want to add to it. There is a small plastic cavity smack in the middle, and it is filled with sand as per the weight requirement.

Filing this bag is not a big task at all because you only need to open the zipper that is present at the top of this bag and fill the required amount of sand. This bag is not only useful for heavyweights but other athletes as well if they are going to face a much larger opponent.


  • Excellent for heavyweights.
  • Good to train for a fight against a larger opponent.
  • Very soft for a realistic feel.
  • Comes filled with fabric.
  • Easy weight adjustment with a small zipper at the top.
  • Suitable for longer training sessions.


  • Not for you if you are looking for a harder heavy bag.


MaxxMMA Training/Fitness Heavy Bag

Want to go for a heavy multipurpose bag, then the MaxxMMA is the right choice for you. Being a heavyweight athlete, you can train yourself with this bag and can also use it for fitness purposes. According to MaxxMMA, you can use this bag in 4 different modes. There is a fitness mode, uppercut mode, heavy bag mode, and mixed martial arts ground dummy mode.

Therefore, this heavy bag is quite useful and versatile in its construction. Its versatility is one of its top draws as the best heavy bag for heavyweights. It is three feet tall and comes with a diameter of 13 inches. You will notice a massive difference if you compare it with other bags in the same category.

The MaxxMMA heavy bag uses water and air at the same time. There is a bladder within this heavy bag, and it mimics the feeling that you get when you punch a human. Therefore, for a realistic feel, it is one of the best choices for you out there. It is one of the competitive advantages of this heavy bag as well.


  • With water and air, this heavy bag gives the feeling of punching an individual.
  • Four different user modes for various training sessions.
  • Made with very durable PVC.
  • Improves your overall balance.
  • Looks pretty nice.


  • Not very tall and only 3 feet high.


Benefits of using a 200 lbs heavy bag

First of all, these heavy bags are ideally suitable for heavyweight athletes. These heavy bags are great because, with the weight, they will not swing or move a lot, no matter how hard you hit them.

Apart from that, these bags have a larger diameter of over 13 inches. It means that they are suitable for athletes to train for bigger opponents.

You can work on your punching power and precision with these bags. Due to the weight, the bag will mimic the real-world scenarios and will help you train better.


The best 200 lbs heavy bag to train is the Ringside (Unfilled) Leather Heavy Bag. The bag doesn’t come filled, so you’ll have to fill it using sand and fabric. Ringside has used high-quality cowhide in the construction of this bag, so it is extremely durable. It has a 16-inch diameter and will allow you to train for larger opponents.

So which of these three heavy bags are you going to use to train yourself for a bulky opponent? Have you tried any one of these before?

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