Top 3 Best 100 Lb Heavy Bags

The heavy bag offers a broad range of benefits. These benefits include relieves stress, promotes cardiovascular health, builds upper body muscles and strength, diverse workout, and improves coordination and stamina.

We all know that punching bags are popular and for good reason. But that leaves you deciding which weight and size to get. There are a ton of different weights to get but the most popular and most sought after weight is the 100-pound heavy bag.

Why 100 LB Is The Best Bag Weight To Buy?

But why is the 100 pound bag the most popular weight of bag you might ask?

  • Soft Enough for beginners
  • Hard enough for professionals
  • Not too heavy to hang from the bag stand
  • Provides an optimal amount of striking surface area

Adding to the reasons I have mentioned above there are few more advantages to 100 pound bags over other weights.

The 100 pound heavy bag offers more versatility than the lighter options. As far as versatility goes, the 100-pound heavy bag is suitable for males and females, kicking and punching, burning calories and building muscle, and building muscle strength in both lower and upper extremities.

The heavier weight is great for mixed martial arts, boxing, and self-defense training. The high level of versatility is why the 100-pound heavy bag is more popular among professional athletes, athletic trainers, and beginners.

Best 100 Lb Heavy Bags

It is difficult to go wrong with a 100 lb heavy bag because of its endless fitness, health, and training benefits. With so many available brands, some consumers find themselves struggling to make the right decision. That’s why it’s important to read some product reviews first and then decide what to buy.

We did all the leg work to ensure you make the right decision the first go-round.

Ringside Heavy Bag

The Thai Heavy Bag by Ringside weighs 100 pounds, making it heavier than many of its competitors.

But, do not fret, the additional weight could be the difference between building muscle strength in a few weeks and building muscle strength in a few months.

You decide which option more suitable for your fitness and training needs.


What Is The Length Of The Ringside Heavy Bag?

The 72-inch length is ideal for kneeing and kicking. The longer length makes this a great heavy bag for short-statured athletes.

You may be surprised by this but many short-statured athletes complain about having limited heavy bag options. This is especially true for those who utilize heavy bags for head-to-toe training.

The 72-inch length will also ensure an easy installation. There will be no need to make special adjustments due to your shorter height.

Ringside Heavy Bag Pros

  • Suitable for kicking and punching
  • Diverse functionality and usability
  • 72-Inch length
  • Easy installation
  • Integrated with a 1-inch durable line
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Powerhide design

Ringside Heavy Bag Cons

  • May not be suitable for lower ceilings

Meister 100 Pound Boxing Heavy Bag

The 100 Lb Boxing Heavy Bag by Meister has an exterior covering made from vinyl. To ensure the longest service live, Meister chose a military-grade vinyl.

The vinyl will ensure years of punishment, thanks to the textile filler and durable vinyl covering.

This design makes the Meister Heavy Bag suitable for both commercial and in-home gyms.

Installation Hardware Included

The heavy bag comes with hanging hardware, including durable chain and D rings. You will be able to start the installation right out of the box.

What Can The Meister 100lb Heavy Bag Be Used For?

I like the Meister 100lb Heavy Bag because it is very versatile. With this bag, I would be able to practice a variety of techniques.

The bag measures 60 by 14 inches so it can be used for punches, knees, elbows, and kicks. I think boxers, mixed martial artists, and kickboxers will be able to use this bag.

Since it is made with military-grade vinyl, you can use this bag at home or in a commercial gym.

Whether you’re a boxer or Muay Thai practitioner, I think you’ll like pounding on this 100-pound heavy bag.

Meister 100lb Filled Heavy Bag Pros

  • This bag is great for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing
  • Is it made using thick military-grade vinyl
  • Hanger straps and D rings keep it quiet
  • Comes with a reusable outer case to protect the bag when you’re not using it

Meister 100Lb Filled Heavy Bag Cons

  • The straps may not last


Everlast 100-Pound Heavy Bag

While I decided not to buy the Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit, I came pretty close to picking it. I think this could be the best 100-pound heavy bag for beginners.

Once you’ve purchased this kit, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the sweet science. However, you will need a heavy bag stand.

This kit comes with a 100-pound heavy bag, hand wraps, and bag gloves. Since I have these items, I didn’t buy this bag.

Still, I think the Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit would be a great investment for beginners.

The bag is tough and effective too.

Why Is The Everlast Heavy Bag Kit A Good Investment?

The Everlast Heavy Bag Kit is a good choice for beginners. You likely do not have hand wraps or bag gloves.

I recommend buying and using both since they’ll protect your hands.

Why purchase them separately? If you don’t have them, you should kill two birds with one stone by purchasing this kit from Everlast.

My only concern is that you’re getting multiple items for a low price. I worry that the items may be okay but not spectacular.

Still, this will be a good choice for new boxers.

Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit Pros

  • Comes with a 100-pound heavy bag, hand wraps, and bag gloves
  • Very affordable
  • Will be easy to hang
  • Filled with sand

Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag Kit Cons

  • Zipper is fragile


Best Heavy Bag Stand For Your 100 Lb Heavy Bag

Century Station Bag Stand

Once you’ve purchased a 100-pound heavy bag, you’ll need to buy a stand to hold it. I like this stand for many reasons and I appreciate the low cost.

While it is made in China, I am confident that this stand is going to last since it is made of 3-inch tubular steel.

In addition to this, I can easily stabilize this stand by adding enough weight plates to the weight pegs. You shouldn’t have any problems with this easier.


How Much Weight Is Needed To Stabilize The Century Heavy Bag Stand?

Before you begin pounding on your heavy bag, you need to make sure that the stand isn’t going to wobble around.

While you could throw a few sandbags on the legs, I recommend using weight plates. So, how much weight is needed?

With some stands, I would recommend adding 50 or more pounds to the base. I like the Century Stand because less weight is needed.

I believe that you can keep this stand stable by using 35-pound weight plates. I suggest adding one weight plate to each of the weight pegs.

This is what I’ve done and the stand doesn’t move around on me at all.

What Heavy Bags Can The Century Stand Support?

I need to tell you that the Century Heavy Bag can support various heavy bags. It is very versatile so I can easily use this stand for 70-pound or 80-pound heavy bags.

With these heavy bags, I would add plates to the pegs but you may not need 35-pound plates.

I prefer using a 100-pound heavy bag and this stand can support it exceptionally well. If you have a heavy bag, I am confident that this stand will be able to support it.

However, I would add 35-pound weight plates to the pegs when punching a 100-pound heavy bag.

If your heavy bag is lighter, you can likely decrease the weight.

Why Should You Buy The Century Heavy Bag Stand?

I like the Century Heavy Bag Stand for many reasons. When compared to the others, this stand is moderately priced.

I don’t like that it is made in China but most stands are. This minor con is offset by the fact that the stand is made using 3-inch tubular steel.

I believe that this stand will last me a lifetime as long as I take care of it.

Also, less weight is needed to stabilize the stand and prevent it from wobbling.

I like this heavy bag stand and use it to hold a 100-pound heavy bag. I think you’ll like it too.

How To Hang A 100-Pound Heavy Bag?

Hanging a heavy bag doesn’t have to be difficult. It is easier to hang a bag on a stand but you can use a beam too.

Follow the steps below to hang the bag from a joist.

  1. Find the right joist. Choose a spot that will give you plenty of room to move around the bag.
  2. Check to make sure that the bolts will be long enough to secure the bag.
  3. Drill a hole for the bolts. Be sure to use a drill bit that is the same diameter.
  4. Insert and tighten the bolt.
  5. Attach the chains to the heavy bag so you can hang it.
  6. Get assistance from a friend or family member to lift and hang the bag.

Last Thoughts

While the Ringside Muay Thai Punching Bag is primarily designed for Muay Thai practitioners, I can tell you that it works great for boxing too.

This bag is full length so you can practice punching, clinching, and moving around your opponent. Furthermore, I like the durable power hide construction.

When punching this bag, I know that it is going to last. I can use this bag to improve my punching strength and cardio.

Whether you’re practicing boxing, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, kickboxing, or another combat sport, I am confident that this versatile bag will work well for you.

I recommend checking out this bag because I think it is well worth the price.


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